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Daily Lyric: success

money and power

celebrity and fame

a zillion-selling record

a household name

king of the mountain

riding the crest

these are the things

that constitute success

these are the things that I call success

more is more, any less is just less

till I get what I want I won’t get any rest

these are the things that I call success

my face on TV

in the music mags

my personal life splashed

in the gossip rags

let the whole world know

I couldn’t care less

it’s a small price to pay

for my long-craved success

these are the things ...

yeah, I could be humble

unpretentious and modest

and say I don’t need it

but hey, let’s be honest

this is the dream

I’ve been nursing so long

the bounty of the universe

for a top 40 song

a house full of clothes

a garage full of cars

a pool in the back

a romp with the stars

by talent or luck

up there with the best

that’s how I’ll measure

when I’ve reached success.

these are the things ...

©2024 The Hesh Inc.

"My Malibu beach house" - original AI art by The Hesh Inc.
My kind of crib ... YES or NO?

We can all be modest and humble, and tell the world we really don't need all these material comforts as a reward for doing something well. And then we can drive up the Pacific Coast Highway and say, why only them, why not me? To be frank and honest ... I wouldn't mind some sort of fabulous remuneration for paying my dues and being modest about them for all these years. Just one hit song is all I need.

This song dates back to sometime in the early 2000s, before I actually considered moving to California. I guess back then I was thinking more of someplace like Rumson, NJ, or perhaps The Hamptons, NY. But once you've been to the West Coast, your orientation changes somewhat.

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