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my records get made

my debts get paid

and I can get laid

with that kind of money

hanging out with the stars

in the backs of their cars

I buy their guitars

with that kind of money

if only

if only I

if only I had

if only I had that kind of money.

my reach extends

I meet my ends

I influence friends

with that kind of money

I build my own school

to turn scholars into fools

I make and break rules

with that kind of money

if only ...

there are no beyond means

there is nothing extreme

I can live all my dreams

with that kind of money

I live like a king

I rule everything

I have the world on a string

with that kind of money

if only ...

©2024 The Hesh Inc.

"Big Bucks" - original AI image by The Hesh Inc.
Gimme some BIG BUCKS!

Who says all my songs have to be epics! This one echoes the same sentiment expressed in my better-known non-hit, "Everybody's in the Money (But Us)," in a few succinct lines. I wrote this lyric sometime in the early 2000s, probably while I was still living at the Jersey Shore, marking time as a limousine driver after getting laid off from my editorial job in the publishing business in the aftermath of 9/11 but before moving to Los Angeles and hopefully some better fortunes. If I ever put this to music, it'll be quick and catchy.

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