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Daily Lyric: THAT VIBE

That vibe, that vibe, I can feel that vibe

I love the way it feels but these days it doesn’t jibe

With the life that I have. It may have in the past

But you know, those days, they couldn’t last.

That vibe, that vibe, she sends that vibe

She bounces up in front of me all starry eyed

If she ran with a different crowd I’d say that she

Is definitely giving herself to me.

And for a quick moment I wish I could

Take up that implied proposal and make it good

But I got my commitments, and so I show her my hand

With its symbol of attachment, a white-gold band.

Her eyes fall to the floor, her hopes are dashed

The tower collapsed, all the dreams dashed

I feel that pang, I remember well

How that vibe could cause my ego to swell.

That vibe, that vibe, I miss that vibe

The way it could stir me up inside

But those feelings are fleeting and so is that phase

My life is in a very different place these days.

©2024 The Hesh Inc.

"That Vibe" - original AI art by The Hesh Inc.
If she ran with a different crowd I’d say that she / is definitely giving herself to me.

True story: In 2003, I performed at a private houseparty in Brooklyn at the invitation of a fellow musician, who was a friend of the party's hostess. Said hostess was moving around the room, making conversation with assorted groups of partygoers. While taking a break between sets, I was standing off to the side, watching the proceedings but minding my own business. Next thing I knew, hostess materialized right in front of me, saying a simple "hi!" with a look on her face that said, "just say the word and I'm yours." It was that obvious. I made some polite conversation, aware that if I had still been single and unattached, this might be an opportunity. But no, I was very much married at the time ... yet how could I impart that bit of information without being rude, or too obvious myself? Well, I nonchalantly lifted my hand up to my face, so that she'd catch a good view of the ring on my finger. She got the message, and within several seconds she politely took her leave.

(Epilogue: Several years later, once I was divorced, I did connect with her. Suffice it to say, she wasn't all that. Oh well.)

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