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Daily Lyric: THE RIFF

Sisters and brothers – let’s do The Riff

Fathers and mothers – let’s do The Riff

Friends and lovers – let’s do The Riff

Significant others – let’s! do! The Riff!

Yeah say

Say that you need me and you really love me so

And shout

Shout that you want me and you’ll never let me go

And show

Show the world what you really, really know

And do

Do The Riff ‘cuz that’s the way to your soul

Brothers and sisters – let’s do The Riff

Misses and misters – let’s do The Riff

A to Z listers – let’s do The Riff

Hurricanes and twisters – let’s! do! The Riff!

Yeah jump

Jump for my love, babe, no need to ask how high

And stomp

Stomp all night, give it a try and don’t be shy

And shake

Shake that thing, sprout some wings and take to the sky

And do

Do The Riff and let your freak flag fly

This is unity

And community

And opportunity

Don’t ask what if

This is reality



Individuality …

So do The Riff.

Rabbis and preachers – let’s do The Riff

Students and teachers – let’s do The Riff

You up in the bleachers – let’s do The Riff

All the world’s creatures – let’s! do! The Riff!

Artists and musicians – let’s do The Riff

Wizards and magicians – let’s do The Riff

Soldiers and politicians – let’s do The Riff

Take up your positions – and let’s! do! The Riff!

Yeah lift

Lift up your head, child, and show you have some pride

And open

Open up your heart and know that love is on your side

And free

Free your mind and soon your feet will hit their stride

And do

Do The Riff and let the groove be your guide

It’s time to celebrate

And accelerate

And exhilarate

Now don’t be late

Come participate

And perpetuate

And rededicate

And reinvigorate …

(I don’t know what happened to that song there, you guys, but it was great!)

©2024 The Hesh Inc./Reality Shock Music, Inc.

"The Riff" - original Ai art by The Hesh Inc.
Brothers and sisters – let’s do The Riff.

These lyrics were written, mostly by me, in March 2023, to a song that was first composed and performed by the original REALITY SHOCK band in Jerusalem some 40 years before, during the winter in which we holed up in Izzy Kieffer's storage unit in the Bayit VeGan neighborhood and banged out our original set list with some red-hot, original tunes. I say "mostly" because the original kernel of the lyric, the fifth through twelfth lines of the first verse, was written by Izzy as an adaptation of the Isley Brothers' "Shout" with the idea of adding a completed lyric to the tune, which had been rehearsed and performed as an instrumental. The music was composed by Emil Leuchter of blessed memory and Gedaliah Ben-Israel, original guitarist and saxophonist, respectively, of Reality Shock. The lyric that Izzy began was never completed and work was never continued on it until now by me; in the ensuing decades the song had actually been recorded, as an instrumental again, on the reconstituted Reality Shock's first and so far only release (There's A Voice, 2002).

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