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There’s no warmth in the house this Friday night

There are no candles burning

No peace, no blessing to accompany the light

Only tears and vague thoughts of returning

There’s no song or spirit permeating the air

No children’s voices or laughter

Memories can’t begin to make up for what’s not there

And there’s no happily ever after

This is the sixth day

Is this what I’ve been working all week for?

There was evening, and then there was morning

It’s Friday night at the Shore.

There’s no family to support a sagging heart

No love to offset the lonely

No teleportation to bring together the apart

There’s no guarding the day to keep it holy

There’s no two angels following me home

There’s nowhere to follow me home from

There’s no woman of valor to be praised with a poem

No grace or loving kindness by your lonesome

This is the sixth day ...

Well, there’s bands playing on the strip tonight

There’s music to be made

There’s beer to be drunk, people to be danced with

And all sorts of hell to raise

There’s fast cars on the circuit again

They’re cruising and running real hot

There’s lovers, lizzies, and lotharios

Looking to give it their best shot

This is nothing like I’m used to for Friday night

It’s a frosted mug instead of a silver cup

But if as long as I’m here and I can’t do it right

At least I’ll plunge in head first and do it up

And when the morning comes I’ll crash on the beach

I’ll do that summer shore thing

Remembering the day and thinking of each

Song my holy brothers and sisters sing

This is the sixth day ...

©2023 The Hesh Inc.
Sabbath candles
There was evening, and then there was morning.

When I moved back to the East Coast from Los Angeles in 2006, I felt the loss of the life I had left behind most acutely whenever Friday night came around. The warmth of family and friends around the Sabbath dinner table was sorely lacking and I often felt that if I couldn't have it the way I loved it, I didn't want it at all.

The music to this song was lifted mostly from a song by my old friends, the 1990s-era, Reading, Pennsylvania– and Jersey Shore–based band Fire Tribe/78 West, called "Is This America?" (sorry, guys), with a bit of Shlomo Carlebach/Moshav's "Higher and Higher" thrown in at the end of the bridge. Rehearsed on the piano but so far not recorded or performed live.

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