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From the moment of birth till your dying day

Everyone around you will always say

"You gotta flow with the river or else you’ll drown"

But the river flow drags you down

Your heart is worn and your soul is drained

Wonder of wonders how you’re still sane

Pishachs in the day

Shice at night

Don’t give a damn as you turn off the light

The world is full of pishachs … and shice.

Some government we have, everyone’s the same face

Get rid of one yutzmach and put another in his place

Nothing’s definite but death and taxes

And their agents that follow you with their axes

The kids are hooked to that bitch on the screen

Only dressed in her underwear like a wet dream

Shice in the night

Pishachs in the day

Who gives a damn about it anyway

The world is full of pishachs … and shice.

Hotshot designer rips of LL Bean

Signs his own name and makes the scene

Holds the world in his hand and says you’re mine

And all the fashion-conscious toe his line

This year it’s rags, next year bags

For the sake of style let them go out in drag

Feed them shice

They’ll say it’s nice

They’ll always be willing to pay the price

The world is full of pishachs … and shice.

©2023 The Hesh Inc.

At the intersection of Pishachs and Shice.

This is either an attempt to offer serious social commentary (circa 1987) or just to get a few annoying things off my chest. The world has become a much scarier place since those days (which we thought were bad enough as they were)—so perhaps an update is in the works.

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