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There she goes walkin’ down the street singin’ doo-wah-diddy-diddy

Keepin’ to herself for all the world as if she don’t know she’s lookin’ pretty

Hungry young boys snap at her heels as she runs up the stairs

But she don’t give a second look, she don’t really care

Well, she gets off on playing hard to get

The boys can’t come near her, she won’t let

Though they stop dead in their tracks when they see her, like wow!

None of them won’t get their chance ‘cause they don’t know how

To treat her like a lady

Yeah, yeah, yeah, treat her like a lady

My mama told me, Son you better see

that you don’t play rough with the girls

‘Cause if you play tough, you don’t love her enough,

it won’t matter if you buy her pearls

And then she’d say, That’s the only way to give true love a start

Be a gentleman as much as you can, you’ll find a place in her heart

My friends told me, You better watch out

She’ll be all over you, then she’ll throw you out

But I said, When I get through, she won’t wanna

I’m gonna be different ‘cause I’m gonna

Treat her like a lady

Yeah, yeah, yeah, treat her like a lady

I stood in front of her house, playing cat and mouse

on a cold rainy night

I saw some guy go on inside

and then out went the light

I told myself he’s not here to shoot the breeze

with her tonight, that’s true

I shivered in the dark and felt the ache in my heart

Hell, a grown man can cry too

There’s a lesson to be learned from getting burned,

and if you follow it, it helps

Don’t bend so far back till you think you’re gonna crack,

just be yourself

I thought I was cool but I played the fool,

the whole thing didn’t pay

That’s the price for being nice,

you gotta find your own way

To treat her like a lady

Yeah, yeah, yeah, treat her like a lady

©2024 The Hesh Inc.

"Love Hands" - AI art by The Hesh Inc.
Hand in hand like lovers are supposed to ...

No connection whatsoever to the songs of the same title by the Temptations or Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose! I wrote this one in December 1985 (amazing how I can remember that) when I was in advanced training during my army service. One of my class's instructors was a female sergeant who took no BS, and I was wondering how she would react if anyone (on the outside, of course) would treat her like a lady, rather than a drill instructor. I, of course, never got the chance, but I did put her, anonymously, into the first verse. The second and third verses are assembled from several of my romantic misadventures during my late teens and early 20s. For fans of Israeli muzika mizrahit, the third verse here is a loose translation and embellishment of the third verse of the late Zohar Argov's "Marlene," which was a huge hit during my basic training. Musically, the song has an uptempo groove similar to the J. Geils Band song "Freeze-Frame." Played on the piano many times but never recorded or performed for an audience of more than one or two.

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