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Leave my everyday behind

My responsibilities are over and done

At least for the meantime

It’s time to get out and have some fun

Throw my stuff in the car

And hit the road to points unknown

Doesn’t matter near or far

Or if you come along or I do it alone

The one thing that matters is getting away

Don’t wanna think about work, I only wanna play

How long for, I can’t say

It’s vacation time! I’m calling in today!

Too much on my mind

Pressing on my mental health

I’ve been working too hard, it’s a crime

It’s high time I do something for myself

It’s a sin to stay inside

When the sun out there is shining bright

I will not be denied

I need to exercise my rights

I will not be a slave; I will be free

I’ll live the way I want to be

Time to proclaim my liberty

It’s vacation time! Now gimme my keys.

I’m gonna do my thing

Gonna dress up right and go out on the town

Don’t know what the night will bring

But whatever’s set up, I’ll be knocking down

Gotta get out tonight and rock

Leave a trail of chaos in my wake

Gonna break through all the locks

And what I believe is mine, believe me, I’ll take

Like a bullet that’s been fired out of a gun

Like a prominence shooting out of the sun

I’m not gonna stop until I’m done

It’s vacation time! Gonna have me some fun.

Well tonight at least, the world is mine

Let the stars come out and the moonlight shine

I’ll paint the town and spill the wine

It’s vacation time! And that’s the last line.

©2024 The Hesh Inc.

"Vacation Time" - original AI art by The Hesh Inc.
It’s vacation time! Gonna have me some fun.

Sometimes you just have to call in and take the time for yourself, and not think one bit about work. This seems to happen more frequently as you get older. This is one of my "fed-up-with-the-working-life songs" from the early 2000s. No music yet.

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