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What happened?

Where’ve I been?

I’ve slipped so far

Away from this scene

I gave it all up

And beat my way out of town

What I once was

Has long gone to ground.

What happened?

Where did I go?

Lost in the catacombs

Way down below

Deep in the back

Of a distracted mind

Wondering whatever

The hell I could find.

What happened?

What became of me?

I couldn’t answer that

‘Cuz even I couldn’t see

Pennies to pounds

Forests for trees

What was supposed to heat up

Fell into deep freeze.

But now I’m back

From inner space

Come to stake my claim

And take my place

The freeze is thawed

And so’s the block

I’m back now, baby

And I’m ready to rock.

©2023 The Hesh Inc.
What happened? Where’ve I been?
That's what I'm still trying to figure out.

Sometimes, you just don't realize how fast time is passing. And then you wonder where you've been all that time, and why you haven't made good on all your dreams. But somehow, you still find an ounce of energy inside of you to keep chasing them.

This lyric goes back to the early 2000s, when I was still living at the Jersey Shore, before I moved to Los Angeles for the first time. If I was asking myself this question then, imagine how I must be feeling now. But I keep telling myself, it's never too late.

I hope I'm right. (No music for these lyrics yet.)

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