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Updated: Mar 27

It’s not the way she smiles at me

It’s not the way she keeps me warm

It’s not the way she’d walk miles for me

It’s not the way she takes my arm

It’s not the way she softly sings

It’s not the way she twists and shouts

‘cause if it was any of these things

I wouldn’t have a thing to be uneasy about

What she really feels about me

She keeps so well hidden, I just can’t see

She makes me wanna shout Hey, what’s gonna be?!?

What she really feels about me

I like the way she whispers in my ear

I like the way she holds me so tight

I like the way she wants me hear

But there’s a feeling inside me that something’s not right

What she really feels about me ...

I creep into her house stealthily in the dark

I make my way down the hall to her and her lips

I know I’ve found the secret passage to her heart

I know it’s a special relationship

But the lights are out is something wrong?

No, it’s always like this, I suppose

We’ve been doing this for oh so long

But when I reach the end of the passageway the door is closed

What she really feels about me ...

©2023 The Hesh Inc.

The Hesh Inc./"What She Really Feels About Me" pseudo record cover
The Hesh Inc. as Toto

This song dates back to 1986, when I was doing my army service but wasn't involved in any relationship on the "outside." I was busy writing a whole bunch of "relationship songs"—some about people I had been or wanted to be involved with, others about no one in particular. This is one of those that fell into the latter category. Musically, it has me wearing my Toto influence on my sleeve, as it were, specifically "Hold the Line" and "Stranger in Town." Never recorded or performed. (Incidentally, the "Hey" in the chorus was originally the Yiddish/Russian/Hebrew expression "Nu?" ... think of how an exasperated teacher or sergeant might yell, "נו, מה יהיה?!?" but I figured that wouldn't fly in an English-language pop song.)

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