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Daily Lyric: "al nakba"

Updated: Mar 28

our ‘cousins’ call our independence a catastrophe

they say it’s the day their suffering began

well, let’s examine how this situation came to be

then maybe the truth will finally make a stand.

we started returning home from our long exile

to the land from where we were banished long ago

but our cousins had been living here

for thirteen or so hundred years

since their desert wind began to blow.

we told them “friends, we are here to live in peace with you

we have no desire to uproot you from where you live

we have so much to learn from you and share with you

much knowledge and respect we have to give.”


but instead of reaching out their hands

and agreeing to live on the land

together as neighbors in perfect faith and trust

they called us a cancer at their core

they massed their armies and declared war

we couldn’t just sit by with their weapons aimed at us.

their rabble rousers ranted on the radio

“leave your homes while we finish up the fight”

their fiery fanatics fanned up a flaming panic

and thousands upon thousands took to flight.

these masses were locked up in filthy camps

and were kept there by their own as political pawns

but the enmity against us was indelibly stamped

three generations of pure hatred were spawned.

these people should have been absorbed

into their flesh and blood’s 22 other states

to the cities and the villages

given rights and privileges

in a manner similar to our own refugees’ fates.


but instead of reaching out their hands

and agreeing to live on the land

as the prosperous center of the middle east

they refused to cure their sores

they continued to make war

calling us the obstacles to peace.

and now they demand the nations’ sympathies

tweaking the liberal conscience with images and catchwords

turning the picture around

– black is white, up is down –

until the whole story is represented backwards.

and the nations, they are all too willing

to swallow it whole while ignoring its glaring flaws

the distortion’s down to a science

it’s an unholy alliance

because only to oppose us does one support that cause.

the thing that’s really puzzling and painful

is how we too have fallen for their line

always beating our breasts

we seem to do that best

though few of them would give our views the time.


‘cause instead of reaching out their hands

and agreeing to live on the land

to the very idea of us among them, they object

the very fact that they mark this date

not June 67, but May 48

means that we’re something they never will accept.

and the most stupid thing of all

a judgment any sane person can call

is that this entire situation could have been avoided

with a little bit of vision and compromise

they could have been part of this enterprise

but instead they chose to try and destroy it.

if they wouldn’t have heeded the rash inciting

if they’d have stayed home instead of fleeing or fighting

they wouldn’t have called this disaster upon themselves

but if they don’t understand that they fought and lost

and if they don’t move ahead and soak up the cost

then let them take their ‘catastrophe’ straight to hell.

©2024 The Hesh Inc.

I have no sympathy, no empathy whatsoever for the Arabs calling themselves 'palestinians' and their crocodile tears over their self-imposed 'catastrophe.' The 'catastrophe' they commemorate is their failure to drive the Jews into the sea on May 14, 1948. Prior to that, refugees were not an issue; had they accepted the UN Partition Plan of November 29, 1947, they, too, would have had a state, with a proper government instead of two terrorist organizations representing and oppressing them. They rejected the two-state solution then; why would they agree to it now??

Worse than that, though, are those "Jews" who get all soft-hearted toward those who would gladly kill them. This phenomenon gets worse, year after year. These Jews need to be taught to stand up for their own people first and only—and those who brainwash them into favoring the enemy should be removed from any positions of influence.

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