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You’re still out there

But why do I still care

Your grip on me has broken

But not a word has been spoken

You had no way to tell

I lived under your spell

Wrapped up in obsession

And one-sided expression

Oh, how I ached for you

My heart would break for you

The feelings that I hid

The things I wish we did

But I was in love with an image

Of things left unfinished

When I went away

After that graduation day

And if I’d have remained,

Would it have been ordained

For us to be together

Doing whatever, whenever?

I think that we might have

And perhaps we would by right have

But it’s all just a guess now

There’s no need to obsess now

‘Cause we’ve grown so far apart

My erstwhile counterpart

Our lives are so different

And our past is so distant

So when I see your name out there

I wonder why I still care

Because the fog has cleared

And you’re so out of my sphere.

©2024 The Hesh Inc.

"Out There Somewhere" - original AI art by The Hesh Inc.
I know you're out there somewhere ... somewhere, somewhere ...

This song was written, sometime in the earlier 2000s, about several people I knew from my grade-school years whose fingers I was tightly wrapped around, emotionally, for a long time after we had any kind of actual in-person interaction. Our paths rarely crossed after those early years but after I first got online and started searching for old names from the past, these people's names popped up and it got me wondering whatever became of them. Some years later, on separate occasions, I had the opportunity to meet them again, and I learned, perhaps the hard way, that they weren't "all that," they never were as into me as I imagined them to be, and that some stones are really best left unturned. These lyrics were written without any music, but the Moody Blues' "I Know You're Out There Somewhere" came to mind when I wrote them.

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