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Daily Lyric: KICK ASS

Updated: Mar 28

We’re gonna burn rubber in the street and rock the neighborhood

We’re gonna peel out tonight and babe it feels so good

We’re gonna riot at the movies on Friday night

And then see the show inside on Saturday night

We’re just looking for a good time like any kid would

(We’re gonna kick ass)

It’s too quiet here we gotta rock the boat

We’ve had enough now let’s go for the throat

We don’t give a damn ‘bout what the lawmakers wrote

We came, we saw—we kicked ass!

We’re gonna cruise down Ben Yehuda and scream JAPs—FEH!!!

We’re gonna go down to Zion Square and be The Big Zeh

We’re gonna hold our heads high and walk through the old school

We’re gonna strut like kings and make ‘em look like fools

We ain’t gonna stop even when the light’s red

(We’re gonna kick ass)

Blues in the morning, heads held high at night

We’re gonna play the fool but we’ll play it right

We’re gonna fire up the engines and then take flight

We came, we saw—we kicked ass!

It’s the thirty third day and all across the nation

There’s one tremendous conflagration

We were born into this life we can’t avoid that

So the best we can do is take advantage of the fact

We gotta make the best of our generation

(We’re gonna kick ass)

I won’t feel all right till I’ve spent some money

On a real good looking American honey

We’re gonna sit on the rails and look real bummy

We came, we saw—we kicked ass!

It’s the end of an era and the situation’s sick

Their ugly heads are reared while our once-bright heads are thick

They want the whole arm when we offer them a hand

We think life will be great if we just give all they demand

Well it’s high time they got their asses kicked

(We’re gonna kick ass)

We’re sick and tired of taking all the blame

We gotta call this animal by its real name

Let’s send all those pishies back from whence they came

We came, we saw—we kicked ass!

©2024 The Hesh Inc.

"Lag Ba'Omer" - original AI art by The Hesh Inc.
It’s the thirty third day and all across the nation / there’s one tremendous conflagration.

This was an anthem I wrote during my army years, kind of like a "Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting" for testosterone-addled twentysomething Jewish males on the loose in Jerusalem on a night out of yeshiva. Musically, the song has a late-1980s party-rock groove, somewhere between ZZ Top, Wang Chung, and Kool & The Gang. The lyrics portray a lot of postadolescent bravado as well as reaction to political issues that were current at the time, such as the brouhaha around movie theaters remaining open in Petah Tiqwa on Shabbat, the prospect of an imposed "two-state solution," and Jewish self-hatred in the wake of the Arab Intifada. The last verse was added somewhat later, but unfortunately remains timely.

The "33rd day" in the third verse is Lag Ba'Omer, a minor holiday celebrated by lighting bonfires. In Israel, virtually the entire country would go up in smoke and flames the eve of the holiday, prompting airline pilots on approach to Ben-Gurion Airport to reassure passengers that there was in fact NO war going on, but in recent years the government has been discouraging this mode of celebration, owing mostly to environmental concerns.

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