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Too many words clammed up inside

Too many thoughts believed lost

Too many fantasies forced to hide

Too many plans written off

Too many songs composed in my dreams

Too many mornings when they were gone

Too many false fears as thick as cream

Too many clouds to block the sun

Uncork the bottle

It’s been sealed for far too long

What’s been meant to preserve is just turning foul

The smell and taste are far too strong

Uncork the bottle

Tip it over and damn the spill

It’s time to pop open the unstoppable stopper

and let all that’s inside flow wherever it will

So many futures I thought would be nice

So many speculations left untouched

So many stories I wanted to write

So many futile straws I clutched

So many pages and random thoughts left unwritten

So many ideas left to rust

So many doors with signs exclaiming No Admittance

So many dreams and schemes gathering dust

Uncork the bottle

Let the genie out of the lamp

It’s time to spill the wine and take back what’s mine

And leave all I produce with my indelible stamp

Uncork the bottle

Put the past behind me and just live

It’s time to move ahead and leave the bugaboos for dead

and reverse all the negative

No more waiting for inspiration to strike

No more waiting for the moment

No more waiting for circumstances to be right

No more waiting for a good omen

No more wondering what keeps me from my true love

No more sitting on the sidelines

No more rituals, pedestals, or kid gloves

I want to get somewhere in this lifetime

Uncork the bottle

But shake it up real hard first

Let the pressure build up till it’s ready to erupt

And then let the bubbled spirits inside burst

Uncork the bottle

Stand under the geyser and be immersed

Let it spray and soak, and break the yoke

And its blessings will remove the curse

©2024 The Hesh Inc.

"Uncorked" - original AI art by The Hesh Inc.

This anthem to self-actualization was written in the early 2000s, undoubtedly after another go-around reading and doing the exercises in Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way and "uncorking" a massive outpouring of lyrics, many of which have been posted in this blog.

My musical partner Izzy Kieffer and I recorded a bare-bones, keyboard-drums-and-vocals version of this, together with several other songs, to serve as the backbone of our projected second REALITY SHOCK album. But the album never got off the ground, and I was also not happy with our performance of the song. But Izzy loved it, and I consented to let him flesh it out with guitars, horns, sound effects, and additional vocals and use it as the title track to his second album, released May 2017.

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