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Daily Lyric: JRZguyinLA

Well, I suppose I should tell you how I got here

How I somehow got steered across this continent

From the Shore to the Coast, oh Lord have mercy

It’s a long way from Jersey but I’m here to represent

How did I, the consummate East Coast dude

With East Coast attitude, find myself in this place

Did I change my place in order to change my fortune

A more abundant portion and a dose of good grace

Well, I made it here in one piece, I made it this far

Driving a 26-foot U-Haul, towing my car

I didn’t come here to become a movie star

But let whatever is supposed to happen, happen

‘Cuz I’m a Jersey guy

A Jersey guy in LA

I’ve replaced the Garden State Parkway

With the Golden State Freeway

I’m a Jersey guy

A Jersey guy in LA

Is it just me, or is the ocean

On the wrong side of the highway

Santa Monica’s got nothing on the piers of Wildwood

In terms of second childhood or summer boardwalk thrills

But there’s no place down the shore quite like Venice Beach

No heights that can reach up like the Hollywood Hills

Well, each place has its glamour and each has its grit

And I don’t quite fit, but I try to make the best

It’s the latest episode of making my way in this world

My reality got swirled on my trip from east to west

Well, my leather jacket squeaks and my boot heels click

Got a sense of northeastern cool and downtown slick

Imported from back home, and I make sure it still sticks

Let he who understands, understand

That I’m a Jersey guy

A Jersey guy in LA

There’s just something wrong when in the summer everything’s brown

And in the winter everything’s green

I’m a Jersey guy

A Jersey guy in LA

I’ll put a new coat of paint on this lonesome old town

And find a way to make it my scene

Down at Franklin and Cahuenga I was mistaken for a local

Some tourist or yokel figured I belonged

He couldn’t distinguish my accent or inflection

I gave him directions, smiled, and sent him along

Well, I’ve been cruising down these boulevards

Trying hard to discard what I believed all my days

And I’ve been taken over by a spiritual groove

With the power to move me beyond these falsely held clichés

The sun has blasted my mind and burned away the winter blues

It’s done a number on the old ways and broken old taboos

I don’t know what I’ll find here, I could either win or lose

But let whatever will be done, be done

‘Cuz I’m a Jersey guy

A Jersey guy in LA

I may find new arrangements

But I’ll still be playing the same basic tune

I’m a Jersey guy

A Jersey guy in LA

Don’t expect me to evolve into a beach boy

An eagle or chili pepper anytime soon

Well, I’m a Jersey guy

A Jersey guy in LA

From 287 and 95

To THE 10 and THE 405

I’m a Jersey guy

A Jersey guy in LA

From Route 1&9 to Highway 101

I’m here, babe, I’ve arrived!

©2023 The Hesh Inc.
The Hesh at the Malibu Pier ... fish to water, indeed.

In 2003, I crossed the country overland, starting in Asbury Park, NJ, and finishing up in the Pico Robertson neighborhood in Los Angeles, California. Prior to that, I had the typical East Coast attitude toward LA and the West Coast in general—that the place was full of weirdos, hippies, and/or shallow movie-star wannabe types. But the decision to move to the West Coast was a conscious one, and so I decided to suspend any attitude and see what it would be like with an open mind. I never in a million years thought that I would take to the West Coast life like a fish to water, but that is in fact what happened. And if from time to time I saw things with outsider's eyes, well, that couldn't be helped—but I left the attitude somewhere in the middle of the country long before I crossed the state line at Needles.

This is the title track and theme-setter for another semi-autobiographical album, in the same vein as my Soul In Exile opus, telling the story of my LA/West Coast experience. One day, hopefully soon, it will get made.

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