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Daily Lyric: THE BLUNGE

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

I was so scattered

I had lost my ability to focus

I was lying in tatters

All prospects were looking hopeless

I couldn’t shake it

I couldn’t take it

I couldn’t brake it

I couldn’t fake it

I had to move on

Get a groove on

Put my shoes on

And walk away from the BLUNGE

I was in shock

I couldn’t get out of the malaise

I was real blocked

I couldn’t manage a simple turn of phrase

There were no songs

It was all wrong

It was too strong

It went on too long

It was no set-up

It wouldn’t let up

I had to get up

And run away from the BLUNGE

I couldn’t love it

Or rise above it

Or push and shove it

Or be free of it

I couldn’t hate it

Or underrate it

Or estimate it

Or liquidate it

I didn’t choose this

No way to use this

No way to lose this

Or disabuse this

I had to spring out

I had to swing out

Get my wings out

And fly away from the BLUNGE

©2023 The Hesh Inc.
My famous psychedelic avatar, farblundjet.

One of the songs I wrote during my early-2000s writing spell, this was clearly influenced by Joe Jackson's "Another World." I was describing a state of confusion, chaos, void, and creative blockage, all rolled up in one. I had a hard time coming up with a name for that state, and finally settled on "blunge," derived from the Yiddish adjective farblundjet (so absolutely lost, beyond any chance of being found) and turned into a noun. Never recorded or performed.

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