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Updated: Apr 2

I don’t know what I did

To deserve that kind of treatment from you

Maybe you could tell me

‘Cause I’ve racked my brains and still can’t find a clue

Now I don’t expect the world from you

Certainly nothing below the belt

But I certainly didn’t deserve

The kind of blow you dealt

Hey, what’s gotten into you?

I’m not asking you to love me

Just want to know why you snubbed me

Hey, what the hell’s wrong with you?

I thought we were friends, or at least friendly

But not anymore, evidently

Tell me what I did wrong

So I could address it like a decent human being should

Give me some sort of hint

So we could talk it out and maybe make it good

Well you just stood there and kept talking

To your friends and fans, as if I didn’t exist

And then you walked right by without looking at me

I really didn’t earn this

Hey, what’s making you so rude?

I waited my turn to say hi

You looked away and walked right by

Hey, what’s up with this attitude?

You said hello with a smile so phony

If you could’ve, you would’ve stoned me

Is it personal? Is it political?

Is it something I did or something I said?

Is it emotional? Is it physical?

Is it something you might have read?

Is it my energy and you find it overwhelming

Or is it my unspoken side that fills you with dread

I can’t quite figure it out and you’re not talking

I can only deduce that it’s all in your head

And the stupid thing is

I really don’t know you that well

Not well enough to call you on this

Not friend enough to say go to hell

And then to come back and make it right

And go on the way we did before

But I’ll tell you this much

I don’t think I’ll come to see you anymore

Hey, what’s gotten into you?

I came to hear you sing

But instead I felt your sting

Hey, what the hell’s wrong with you?

You hurt me and you stung me

If you could’ve, you would’ve hung me

Hey, what’s making you so rude?

Well with you I’ll deal without

You should only get what you dish out

Hey, what’s up with this attitude?

Your songs have been sung

And your springs are unsprung

©2023 The Hesh Inc.

Bee pollinating flower in Franklin Canyon, California. AI art by The Hesh Inc., based on photo by Shifra Hastings.
Nothing stings like being stung in the spring.

This song, from the early 2000s, is about getting rudely rebuffed by someone I thought was a friend and a peer, a fellow singer-songwriter with whom I believed I had a friendly, courteous, and professional relationship. (In fact, a major part of my debut album's sound is based on some advice that I received from her.) Evidently she didn't see it the same way. I had gone to see her perform for the first time in several years; I waited till after the show to say hello; she greeted me with a fake smile before shrugging me off and moving on to the next person waiting. I left and did not see her since.

In May 2023, I found out that she had passed away after a long bout with cancer. I certainly bore her no ill will, despite the bad vibe I had gotten from her years before. On Facebook, I posted the following status:

Some shocking news ... I am stunned to find out that fellow Jersey Shore musician/singer-songwriter Spring has passed away this week. We haven't been in touch for some years now but I will always remember her for her creativity and innovation. I credit her with the idea for the double-tracked piano sound I got on my first album. May she rest in peace.

And this post, in turn, moved another fellow singer-songwriter and friend, Mark Nuzzi, to pen the following verse:

Spring has passed away this week Beginnings always end Summer sidles up to me. Innovative, love created, double tracked Thinking backed Spring has passed away from me Beginnings always end.

It is on that note on which I wish to leave her memory. May she rest in peace.

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