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Daily Lyric: MY FRIEND

My friend

Always perched near my window

Singing his distinctive song.

My friend

Flying by in a red streak

Reassuring me that not all is going wrong.

My friend

Whenever the stress level rises

There he is, a reminder

That even through the grinder

I am still who I am.

My friend

I hear his call resounding

Through the streets in the morning.

My friend

Making his presence known

Just as the day is dawning.

My friend

Following me everywhere

From infancy and childhood

Through adolescence and adulthood

Through many towns and neighborhoods

Across continents and oceans

Through phases and emotions

His faith and devotion

Has always been

A source of strength for me.

©2023 The Hesh Inc.

My Friend (the cardinal bird), original AI art by The Hesh Inc.
My friend, following me everywhere.

This is a song about ... a bird. It seems that wherever I lived, no matter which country or continent, there was always a cardinal who lived nearby outside my window. I always found his presence reassuring, his distinct song a signal that someone was watching out for me. I always regarded them as my friends, and I still do, even now. The lyrics were written sometime in the early 2000s. No music yet.

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