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Updated: Mar 6

She stood alone on the mountain top

Her long red hair flying in the wind

Her lean lithe body draped only in a scarf

Only barely covering her skin

She overlooked the azure sea

Didn’t look like she noticed I was there

Her face was turned up toward the sun

Her hands spread out as if in prayer

She was the goddess of the stormy island

The ruling angel of mysterious place

She drew me closer to the stormy island

But I couldn’t get close enough to see her face.

She sang to me with that siren’s voice

That shone like a beacon through the mist

I changed course and ran aground upon her shore

There was nothing I could do to resist

My ship went to pieces upon her rocks

I was washed up on the beach in tatters

Pondering my doom, I looked up at her

And when she looked down at me, nothing else mattered

She came and took me to the stormy island

That fateful place where new dreams are born

A cyclone beat down on that stormy island

But she took me and sheltered me from the storm.

Forgive me for thinking these thoughts of you

I have nothing but love and respect for you

But I have traveled through many ports for you

And through them all I still connect with you

She comes to me when I’m hard at work

When life is at its most mundane

She comes to me as I’m tuning out

When people are at their most inane

She comes to me when I’m stuck in an office

Staring at the four walls

She comes to me as I watch the waves at the beach

I can practically hear her call

These daydreams take me to the stormy island

That place where no man can go it alone

These daydreams take me to the stormy island

That dangerous place where no one should go.

Forgive me for having these thoughts of you

These less than pure imaginations of you

But there must be a reason I’ve been brought to you

Through past, present, and alternate incarnations of you.

These visions take me to the stormy island

That mystic place where I face my many pasts

These visions take me to the stormy island

Where I’m told my present life won’t be my last

She stands there waiting on that stormy island

Waiting for my ship to run aground again

She’ll stand there waiting on that stormy island

Each time my time comes spinning round again

©2023 The Hesh Inc.

Detail of "The Goddess of the Stormy Island" - original AI art by The Hesh Inc.
She was the goddess of the stormy island.

This is really a song about reincarnation! Written after a series of dreams depicting the scenarios described in the lyrics, as well as experimenting with guided, amateur past-life regressions as laid out in one of the Many Lives, Many Masters books by Brian L. Weiss, MD. I was living in Philadelphia in the mid-1990s when I read these books and made some startling discoveries about where I had been before this life. (Ask me sometime.) Played on my piano and sung to the four walls in my apartment, but never to an audience.

(It must be noted that the 'goddess' herself is a fictional character—any resemblance to any real or imagined persons is strictly coincidental!)

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