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Daily Lyric: A FINE THING

Updated: Apr 2

Well, you came here for a year

Now baby, that’s a fine thing

You wanna make it meaningful

So you’re doing all the right things

Well, I got an idea for you

When I get some time off let’s make a rendezvous

It’s a fine thing

I’ll leave you with no doubt

It’s a fine thing

I’ll show you what this place is all about

It’s a fine thing

Over and under, in and out

Whoa-oh, it’s a fine thing

Now love, peace, and human understanding

It’s a fine thing

And all the hate, wars, and intolerance

Make it more exciting

Watch the do-nothings and the fanatics

When the monsters come out of the attic

It’s a fine thing

Shut out the light

It’s a fine thing

Lock horns and fight

It’s a fine thing

Feel those sharp teeth bite

Whoa-oh, it’s a fine thing

Come back home with me

We’ll watch the news, there’s a lot to see

It’s the funniest show on TV

It’s a fine thing

A fine thing

Now minding your own business

It’s a fine thing

You keep busy doing your thing

And I’ll do my thing

No stupid foreign affairs to tend

Don’t step over that line and we’ll be friends

It’s a fine thing

Rattling the sabres

It’s a fine thing

Good fences make good neighbors

It’s a fine thing

See you later alligator

Whoa-oh, it’s a fine thing

©2023 The Hesh Inc.

Detail of "Elon Moreh" - original AI art by The Hesh Inc.
Elon Moreh, Israel.

This goes back to the spring of 1986, when I was attempting to woo my then-current romantic interest into spending some time with me on Israel's Independence Day. She told me she wanted to do something meaningful for the day, not just spend the day aimlessly hanging around downtown Jerusalem. So I convinced her to join me on a hike from the community of Elon Moreh, in Samaria, to the nearby ancient city of Shechem (a/k/a Nablus), sponsored by the Amana organization. She deemed that meaningful enough and appreciated my thoughtfulness, and accepted. It was a nice hike and a nice date, we made our meaningful statement, she said she'd see me again, but in the end things fizzled. Oh well.

The lyrics take a laconic view of becoming too involved in current events in Israel, while the music underneath it (not yet recorded) was inspired by two upbeat songs, "Hard to Find" and "Take My Love" from Southside Johnny's At Least We Got Shoes album, which had come out not too long before and was in heavy rotation on my Walkman at the time. (Ah, those 80s.)

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