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Updated: Mar 28

How can I go on singing love songs

When things are much more bitter than sweet

How can I keep rocking and rolling along

While rockets are landing in the street

They want my people killed

My people's blood to be spilled

And I can’t do much more

Than pray for our enemies’ defeat.

But you’d grant your enemies their victory

If you just quit and pack it in

To stop your singing, writing, and playing

Isn’t just defeat, it’s a sin

Don’t let them have their victory

Don’t just give up or give in

Stand up strong and sing your song

You can’t let the bastards win

You can’t let the bastards win …

How can I write about my soul in exile life

While families are targeted for murder

How can I escape this stress and strife

My resolve is undermined further

The innocents marked for slaughter

Their blood to flow like water

And I can’t be much more

Than a frustrated observer.

But you’d grant your enemies their victory ...

How can I play upbeat music

While everything is on the way down

How can I excuse it

When the red alert is the prevailing sound

Fifteen seconds to run

Living under the gun

And I can’t do much more

Than watching my nation go to ground.

But you’d grant your enemies their victory ...

©2023 The Hesh Inc.

Detail of "Sderot Under Fire" - original AI art by The Hesh Inc.
Sderot under fire

As of the morning that this blog was originally posted, in 2018, more than one hundred and eighty such 'firecrackers' had been launched at Israel by the 'peaceful protestors' of the Gaza Strip. My question now is the same as it was then: how many more will it take until the Israeli government does what needs to be done, which is to uproot the entire terror infrastructure from the Strip without paying any heed to the 'enlightened' opinions of the terrorist-coddling nations of the world? David Ben-Gurion, Israel's first prime minister, would have known what to do. It is bitterly ironic that the prime minister at the time, considered by many to be right-wing, is an utter wimp compared to the left-wing leaders of the past.

And although I posted this while at a computer in New York City, safe from the onslaught, I was very much anxious about what was happening to my brothers and sisters in Israel and utterly powerless to help the situation. But at the same time, I couldn't just fold up and stop doing my thing. That is the sentiment of the lyrics to this song.

The song was actually written during the terror spell of the early 2000s, when suicide-homicide bombers were setting themselves off in the streets of Israel's cities. Now that THE WALL all but keeps those scourges out and the enemy resorts to rocket attacks instead, I tweaked the lyrics (whose original imagery was much bloodier) to reflect the situation at the time of posting.

May this all end soon with Israeli victory, and may the Strip be wiped clean of all the terrorists and their abettors.

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