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Daily Lyric: ALL NIGHT

We gotta celebrate our last days of freedom

Make the best of them before they're gone

We're gonna leave these same old streets behind

Disappear before they know what went on

In the day we sweat it out in the street

Waiting for the dusk to come

At night we ride the way out of town

'Cause babe we were born to run

We were born to run

Hey babe, are we gonna lay back and mellow out to the music

like spaced out deadhead bores?

Or are we gonna get up and begin our dance in the dark

like all them revved up soul spirits on the shore

For lost souls who stand but can't deliver

For fools that drive their cars into the river

For guys with faces of stone but hearts of schmaltz

we're gonna freak out till we can’t take it anymore

I've only got two more weeks left till the army

so tonight we gotta make it right

Let's get ourselves and the whole gang drunk

under the sparkling starlight

There's a south wind blowin' in with a hard edge

sinking in like a shark's bite

But what's a south wind to stop young ones like us

Whose entire lives can be lived

All night

All night

All night

Our whole lives can be lived all night

All night

All night

We're still young and nothing's gonna stop us

We'll keep it going all through this eternal night

The streets are full of grown up kids searching

Just searching for their individual promised lands

They don't know just how far they're going

They don't know just where they stand

They wander the streets of Jerusalem wondering

what keeps them from their true love

Truth is they don't know where to look for it

And they're lost when the push comes to shove

Push comes to shove

They cry out:

Save me now, save me now, save me now, save me now, save me now, save me now, save me now baby

I don't wanna grow up but they're forcing it down my throat

and I always gotta answer Yes sir,

never no or maybe

Up till now I was playing in a band

Now they wanna put a gun in my hand

I don't know if I wanna be a full grown man yet

'Cause only yesterday I was a baby

They marshal their forces to run the blockade

and pretend they don't have any fear

They gather their strength to chase their dream

and to find their way out of here

They're edging dangerously close to the borderline

and no one's gonna stop them tonight

They don't know what's on the other side

But their engines keep on running

All night

All night

All night

Their engines keep on running all night

All night

All night

All the young ones will keep on searching

Feeling their way through the never ending night

Well the greatest rock'n'roll song in history came on the radio

that night we were passed out in my back seat

And those Kretshnyever boys with their payis flying in the wind

they came by in their big black Cadillac just tearing up the street

The creatures of the night come crawling out of their hole

Screaming The Best Revenge Is Rock'n'Roll!

And on the edge of town there's a darkness

and it's full of young ones dancing

Doing anything to keep from going mad in the heat

Shice, man. Why don't we just steal away

We won't be dancing in the dark forever

There's a place for us in the sun somewhere

We'll be walking on the sunshine together

All night

©2023 The Hesh Inc.

Photo of Nachlaot, Jerusalem by The Hesh Inc.
Nachlaot is the hippest neighborhood in Jerusalem now, but when I was hanging out there it was working class, bordering on rough. (Photo by the writer.)

This is another attempt at portraying the night life I experienced in Israel (in the pre-cosmopolitan era of the 1980s) during the year or so before I began my mandatory army service. The Springsteen influence is obvious; I wanted to view what I was actually experiencing through the lens of the Jersey Shore, some 6,000 miles and a world of culture away. A little less obvious is the Lou Reed influence, but it's there too.


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