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Daily Lyric: AMBITIONS

Updated: Apr 2

Greg wants to be a stockbroker

And Jake wants to teach in school

Allen wants to be a big-time joker

And Chaim wants to deal in jewels

Scott wants to be the local bum

And Ian wants to straighten people’s teeth

Isser wants to act and play the drums

And Heshy wants to be a Moses Freak

Well, they got their hopes

They got their dreams

They got their plans and well-laid schemes

They got their desire

With a fire that’s true

‘Cause you can bet they’re gonna pursue

Their ambitions

Bernie wants to fix people’s noses

And Mark he wants to teach karate

Eric wants to cure people’s neuroses

And Jon wants to be the Belzer Rebbe

Mitch wants to be a race car driver

And Dave, a gynecologist

Avi wants to be a Knesset member

And Erez wants to be a terrorist

Well, they got their hopes ...

Yoss the Boss is gonna be a lawyer

And Noah’s gonna be a CPA

Joe is gonna weave baskets underwater

And Adam will decide one of these days

Ari’s gonna run his very own zoo

And Stud’s gonna play his guitar

Well wish them luck in whatever they do

‘Cause with G-d’s help they’ll all get very far

Well, they got their hopes ...

Their ambitions

Their blind ambitions

Their driving ambitions

©2023 The Hesh Inc.

HALB 1979
My eighth-grade graduating class. That's me, second row from top, center.

One evening somewhere toward the end of my army service, in 1988, I found myself wandering through the neighborhood where my high school used to be, and in spite of myself, began feeling all maudlin and moody, thinking about the times I had there and wondering where all my friends from that era had spread out to. That little walk produced several songs, including this one. The lyrics' theme and prosody are drawn from "Almost Summer" by Mike Love/Celebration (which had done double duty as New York radio station 99X's summer theme song in 1978, when I was still living in the States), but the music was one of my own tunes that I banged out on the piano when I was home on a weekend pass.

DISCLAIMER: Any resemblance of the characters mentioned in the lyrics to actual persons, living or dead, is 100% intentional, not coincidental! These were my actual classmates and schoolmates during my senior year. Last names, though, have been omitted to protect the guilty. (The photo, however, is from four years earlier, when I graduated junior high.)

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