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I can’t wait to see my baby

I haven’t seen her for far, far, far too long

I can’t wait to see my baby

I’m so happy, I’m gonna write her a brand-new song

I can’t wait to see my baby

I miss her more than the whole, whole, whole wide world

I can’t wait to see my baby

I can’t help it, she’s my one-one-wonder girl

Too much time I let fly by

So I’m on my way to see her today

Now the sun has come out and brightened up my sky

And my dark clouds have been blown away

I can’t wait to see my baby

I don’t see her as much as I want to

I can’t wait to see my baby

I made her a promise, and so help me I’ll follow through

I can’t wait to see my baby

It isn’t easy, living on two different coasts

I can’t wait to see my baby

There’s only so much time so we’re gonna make the most

I moved heaven and earth so I could make the time for her

I just hope that she can make the time for me

And I’m always this happy when I can get to see her

I just hope she’ll be as happy to see me

You see, to me, she is everything

More than the whole world’s honor and wealth

She’s all I’m living for, and I love her more

Than life itself

I can’t wait to see my baby

It’s always hard when we have to say goodbye

I can’t wait to see my baby

It has to happen, and when it does we both cry

I can’t wait to see my baby

I pray that there’ll always be a next time

I can’t wait to see my baby

Till then, the good times are the best times

The times we are together are so precious and few

And every day in between is like a year

It’s so hard to make it happen and when we finally do

I don’t want anything to interfere

Well, today’s the day, and when I finally see her

I’ll throw my arms around her and hold her tight

And whatever she wants to do, I’ll treat her

There’s so much lost time to make up and make right

You see, to me, she is the universe

You don’t need any further proof

Down to my very soul, more than the rock and the roll

And that’s the truth

©2023 The Hesh Inc.

Abba & Ellie 081703
Me & my baby.

This song is exactly what the title & refrain say it is ... a song about a father's anticipation of seeing his beloved daughter, whom he doesn't get to see often. I wrote the music—an uptempo, power-pop rocker reminiscent of Greg Kihn's hits, or of Bruce Springsteen's River-era outtakes—while I was living in Philadelphia in the mid-1990s, well before the subject, my younger daughter, was born. I jammed on it with various groups of musicians (I hesitate to call them "bands") but ultimately didn't proceed any further with it at the time; over the years, I wrote several lyrics to the tune but none of them seemed to fit. Then, in July 2022 as I was getting ready to visit her in Los Angeles, the idea for using the phrase "I can't wait to see my baby" as a refrain came to me, but the lyrics themselves didn't get written till a year later, as I was mulling over plans to go visit her again. Not recorded yet, but I plan on including it in my as-yet-unnamed "piano power pop project," to be recorded sometime in 2023-2024.


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