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another hour of this shice

of picking nits and moving mice

of getting pissed and yelling “christ!”

another day creeps by

another hour sedentary

spending my time stationary

independent equals solitary

the working day seeps by

another hour in this place

staring into inner space

along the back fence of the rat race

while the outside world flows by

another hour not doing jack

my eyes are sore and so’s my back

ah, the life of a mid-level hack

another missed chance goes by

another hour …

another hour …

another hour …

not passing by fast enough.

another hour on a string

killing time and bullshitting

getting paid but hardly doing a thing

from this you should never know

another hour in the gloam

ticking like a tired metronome

how much longer till I go home

you don’t know the meaning of slow

another hour …

another hour has gone by

this song somehow made it fly

time to finally say goodbye

and leave this joint behind

another hour long since past

another day over at last

now let’s go out and kick some ass

and put work out of mind

another hour …

©2023 The Hesh Inc.

Detailk of "Another Hour" - original AI art by The Hesh Inc.
Another hour … not passing by fast enough.

This one dates back to the early 2000s, when I was working as a production editor for a book publishing company. It beat driving a limo, for sure, but it was still a very constricting job in a claustrophobia-inducing office. I would take my lunch at the nearby Atlantic Highlands Harbor, where I'd sit in my car or on the quay, watching the boats in their slips and looking out toward the Verrazzano Bridge across the harbor, and write songs about the frustrations of a life hummed and drummed away in an office and only dreaming of doing something musical. No music to this one (yet).

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