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It’s late

The day is spent

I lay and wait

For the sun’s descent

Another day

Gone up in smoke

What can I say

I already spoke.

Beyond words

Say everything

Beyond words

While saying nothing

Beyond words

Do anything

Beyond words

Do something.

I tried to write

When the sun was up

Now it’s night

And I still have an empty cup

But I can’t just let

Myself go to bed

When things are yet

To be found and said.

Beyond words …

Now I’m beat

I’m really tired

Kick up my feet

But I’m still wired

What words may come

They better come now

What chords to strum

Get strummed somehow.

Beyond words …

©2023 The Hesh Inc.
Long Beach Sunset, Nov. 9, 2014 (photo by me)
It's late, the day is spent ...

A song about the frustration of trying to find the time and energy to write while balancing the rest of one's life, dating back to the early 2000s while I still lived at the Jersey Shore. Never recorded or performed.

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