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Updated: Sep 13, 2023

“They have the right to violate my daughter

They have a right to murder my kids

They may kill us but we have no right to stop them

We must sympathize with why they did what they did

They have a right to bomb my buses

They have a right to stone my car

Because we are the conquerors and we must feel guilty

After all we’re the ones who made them what they are.”

Well take a step back

And see how pathetic you are

Bending over so far backward

Till you snap like a tree in the wind

Well just look in the mirror

And see what a nebech you are

There’s a war going on

But with your attitude we’re never gonna win

“We have no right to call it our homeland

We have no right to make theirs ours

We have no right to take down domes or crescents

And replace them with our stripes and stars

We have no right to build these houses

We have no right to build our land of the free

And if you dare disagree with what we tell you

We’ll brand you an enemy of democracy.”

Well just listen to yourself

And hear how sick you sound

You have no sense of self

You’re always seeing the other side

Well stand up for yourself

And for once stand your ground

You try to run from yourself

But you’ll never be able to hide

“We must understand why they want to destroy us

We must be fair to them and we must give in

They say we took their land and we must believe them

We must bow before them and atone for our sins

They aren’t murderers they’re really victims

They aren’t terrorists they’re freedom fighters

We don’t care if they kill innocent civilians

There are no innocents, only occupiers.”

Well look at yourself

Such a poor pitiable wretch

It’s a wonder you’ve managed

To survive for all these years

You’ll never get respect

If all you do is kvetch

Fight for your own side for once

And spare us your bleeding heart’s tears.

©2023 The Hesh Inc.

Detail of "Bleeding Heart's Tears" - original AI art by The Hesh Inc.
Bleeding heart's tears.

This one was written in 1987 as I examined the state of affairs all around me in Israel ... nothing has changed, really. It is for all the self-haters (particularly the Jewish ones) who are so extreme that the mental disorder they suffer from can no longer be called liberalism. People like this should not be allowed to dominate the national and international discourse, yet all decent-thinking people have somehow let them. Such self-haters need to be banished from policy-making venues and relegated to the fringe from whence they originally came, before the free world completely implodes.

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