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On a day named for work, nobody’s working

The sand and surf is crowded on International Beach

The kids are frolicking, the teens are flirting

To the tune of arcade ditties and metallic coaster screech

Squeezing out one last carefree day

With nary a thought of impending school or work

Today they’re all vacationers on parade

Tomorrow they’ll be students, teachers, drivers, and clerks

Come 5:00 this all will stop

It’ll be goodbye flip, goodbye flop

Back to the office, back to the shop

It’s summer’s last hurrah.

Of course, the season will keep on going

For at least a couple of weeks

The autumn winds won’t yet be blowing

It’s a while yet till winter’s bleak

But the crowds will be gone and so will their clamor

As well as their entitled attitude

No more clatter, no more clangor

Then the creative types will find their solitude

Come 5:00 this all will stop ...

Bennies, shoobies, call the tourists what you will

They’ll all go back to their urban haunts

Then this place will be briefly shrill

With the locals’ belated jeers and taunts

The businessmen will tally up their take

From another successful summer season

But until then, some more time to fry and bake

In the last of the sunshine, for no good reason.

Come 5:00 this all will stop ...

No earth-shattering observation

Was ever meant to come of this

I just watch as this corner of the nation

Gives its leisure time one last kiss.

©2023 The Hesh Inc.
It's still summer
Really ... it all seems so arbitrary.

I wrote these lyrics on one of my last Labor Days living at the Jersey Shore before heading to the West Coast. I must have been ruminating over why the powers that be insisted that Labor Day be the 'official' end of the summer season, the beaches must now be devoid of lifeguards, and everybody must get serious and go back to work/school/wherever, when there are three more perfectly good weeks of delightful weather before the real autumn sets in. (And then, I moved to Los Angeles, where the question is really moot.)

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