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Well the sun’s shining brightly on an empty beach

On this perfect late-summer day

The waves are still crashing and the water’s still warm

But the crowds have all gone away

The kids are in school and their folks are at work

And the stores are all closing down

The local residents get ready for the off season hustle

In the long string of little shore towns

Well who flicked the switch and forced the towns into dormancy

Long before any of them were ready

Where are the frolic and the sounds of freedom

Amidst the sand and the surf and the jetties

It’s like some stern father figure came to scold his children

Play time’s over, now it’s time to get serious

So even though it’s still the same as a week ago

This happy place has been rendered cheerless

It’s the end of the season

But it’s time for a new beginning.

I know it’s just dormant, only temporary

But it’s always a sad time of year

A part of the world that’s bursting with people

All of a sudden is cleared

And it all makes me think, did I accomplish

All the things I set out to do

Can I still do them and lay them to rest

Before winter comes into view

It’s the end of the season

But the new era is just beginning.

And where are the things and the people I loved

Scattered to the four winds and the heavens above

Some will come back when next spring comes along

But others will be gone, forever gone

And all alone down the boards I walk

Without your hand to hold

Unwanted circumstances may keep us apart

But (I hope) our love won’t like the seasons grow cold

It’s so easy to get complacent and lazy

And it’s too easy to let things just slide

But you’re too important to let slip away

I keep that you-and-me deep inside

It’s the end of the season

But with your hand I want to keep that beginning.

©2023 The Hesh Inc.
Fire Island after the masses have gone home. Original photo by The Hesh Inc.
Beach in the off season.

A recurring lament for the weeks after the end of "beach season," when it's still summer, climatologically speaking, but the powers-that-need-not-be have determined that autumn must begin. Written while I was living at the Jersey Shore, probably the last off season before deciding to move to the West Coast. Never recorded, never performed.


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