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Daily Lyric: BORED AS HELL

Updated: Apr 2

Bored as hell, I’m turning into gel

Nothing here for me to do

Feeling weak and crazy from the heat

I’m going insane, how about you

I can’t sit still so gimme a pill

‘Cause boredom is a disease

Feeling funky just like a monkey

I think I’ll go climb some trees

Heat wave is driving me mad

Watch out for me because I’m bad

I’m eroding bit by bit

I’m going crazy … you wanna come with?

New, old, rock’n’roll

Gimme the chance and I’ll sing

Wit, wisdom, and Judaism

I can write about anything

I get caught all up in a thought

And the words, they all fit

I played a chord wrong and it became part of the song

And the song became a hit!

No such thing as coincidence

Nothing logical makes any sense

Fact is fantasy and truth is myth

I’m going crazy … you wanna come with?!

Look at that lady, is she crazy?

She came in here and started to dance

She looking good, now if only she would

Maybe I would stand a chance

She said, Hey dude, play me that tune

In Your Arms Tonight I Just Died

Just laughing and giggling and shaking and wiggling

She ain’t crazy, she's high!

Grant me an interview and I’ll give you the world

I’ll tell you just what got into that girl

I’ll show you all I care to admit

I’m going crazy … you wanna come with?!?

©2023 The Hesh Inc.

"Bored As Hell" - original AI art by The Hesh Inc.
Bored as hell, I’m turning into gel, nothing here for me to do.

This was written during a heatwave in the summer of 1986, in the thick of my military service, as I was doing guard duty a tower overlooking an ammo dump in one of the hottest places on Earth, on the outskirts of Jericho near the Dead Sea. I really felt like I was turning into gel, yet at the same time I was feeling frustrated at how stagnant my life felt at the time when what I really wanted to do was go raise some hell "back in the world." The song is in a minor key, with a fast-paced, hard-hitting rock/swing tempo. I had fun banging this one out on my piano back home, but alas, I never played it outside my four walls.

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