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All the grandiose plans we made

All the sure-fire schemes we laid

All the different kinds of gigs we played

All the big bucks we never got paid

We were gonna rule the universe

But things didn’t get better, they just got worse

‘Cause the best-laid plans

Fell victim to the curse.

And all the things we wanted to say

Have all gone and slipped away

And all the songs we wanted to play

Have all faded and become passé

There’s nothing left to do but hope and pray

To take stock of the price we have to pay

There’ll be no new songs today.

All the big dreams exploded into dust

All the big booms, they all went bust

All the iron will was left out to rust

All the big promises just got hard to trust

We were gonna be the kings

Melt hearts with the songs we sing

But we could never understand

We couldn’t have everything.

And all the things we wanted to say ...

Oh how the faithful have lapsed

Oh how the ill have relapsed

Oh how the decades have elapsed

Oh how the mighty have collapsed

We were gonna reach up and touch the sky

Broadcast from 110 stories high

But evil sent a hand

And we watched the immortals die.

And all the things we wanted to say ...

©2023 The Hesh Inc.

"No New Songs Today" - original AI art by The Hesh Inc.
We were gonna reach up and touch the sky, broadcast from 110 stories high.

Another one of the songs I wrote in the aftermath of 9/11, watching my own and my friends' creative efforts go up in smoke as we all suffered from the depression and ennui brought on by the attacks. It took awhile to get over those effects, but when we did, our creativity and productivity came roaring back, often dedicated to all those who were lost on that terrible day.

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