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Updated: Apr 2

We were the kings of the city and no one could unseat us

We were five blues brothers and no one could defeat us

We made history here in this town

Undisputed and nobody could beat us

We had our own world

And we were frozen in time

We were young and innocent we never thought those times would leave

We were practicing at being somebody we were so naïve

Everybody was a class clown

We got away with stuff you wouldn’t believe

So much happened here in these streets

We shocked authority with some of our feats

We were the furthest thing from discreet

But we were born out of time.

What have they done to the old neighborhood where we scuffled?

It all got swallowed up in some urban reshuffle

You come back after all these years to the old familiar places

But the world you loved so much fell apart and you don’t know half the faces

We would dress up so crazy to look like a public eyesore

You could terrify people that way then but you can’t do that anymore

Even making romance ain’t what it used to be

Half the fun was waiting for her to make up her mind

Everybody’s looking for a “relationship” now

Whatever happened to just having a good time?

We were born in the sixties

kids in the seventies

and cut loose in the eighties together

Where does the time go when you’re locked in the land of never?

We watched the Stones and the Who become granddads

Hell, you can’t stay seventeen forever

Today all these kids just look good and POOF! They’re stars

We worked hard on our music but now look where we are

Still playing sleazy two-bit bars

Oh, we were born out of time.

There once was a time for our wild recklessness

For our Big Bad Influence and Beauty of Holiness

But now we’re lost in helplessness

We were born out of time.

©2023 The Hesh Inc.

Three Heshys, dressed to ... uh, something ...
We would dress up so crazy to look like a public eyesore.

This is one that I wrote toward the end of my army service in the late 1980s, when I was looking back at my high school and post–high school years, which had taken place not all that long before, with a sense of wistfulness, wondering where the glory of the glory days evaporated to. Musically, it rolls the Boss's "Saint in the City" up with Thin Lizzy's "Don't Believe a Word" and "Chinatown." Never recorded or performed.

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