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You say you didn’t come here to fall in love

But you went ahead and you did anyway

Now the time has come to take hold of yourself

So you close your heart when I beg you to stay

You tell me I’ll get over it soon enough

And I’ll remember you in the far future someday

But I don’t want to forget you now

There’s just got to be another way

You came out of a haunted and twisted past

And you’ve been robbed of your self-respect

You look in the mirror and convince yourself falsely

That you were born with some defect

But look at yourself, you’ll see you were wrong

It was only a delusion all along

‘Cause you’re alive, girl, and it ain’t no sin

To be a part of the world you were born in

Wasn’t your life so much better way back when

You knew how it felt to have someone need you

Remember all the promises we made in the dark

How you cried to me never to leave you

How you cried to me how you were scared to find

That the world will keep going and you’ll be left behind

But now you feel I’m keeping you in a bind

So now you want to leave me behind

You tell me I’m not strong enough

That I don’t have the will to lead

You say that your ship has to sail

So you turn your back when I plead

You claim you’re going places while I’m staying back

Your own show must go on

But I only got one thing to say:

Don’t rush into anything big

Or baby, you’ll be gone

They’re looking for your body, they don’t really care

They’re looking for some cheap thrill when they throw you the stare

They’ll tear you to pieces, they’ll get off on you

Then they’ll throw you out when they get through

But me, I gave you the love that was true

I helped you back up when you were feeling blue

I rode the line of balance just for you

Can’t you see that I needed you

There’s a blank spot in my mind where you used to be

And I feel all empty inside

It’s time for me to put you out of my memory

It’s no longer time to hide

‘Cause you robbed me of all my confidence

You left me groping around in the black

You took away my personality

And it took me three months to get it back

I’m not begging you to come back

In fact, I don’t even think I want it

But there’s the ghost of your past love for me

That keeps my sleepless nights haunted

I told you all I could, all that I felt

And you didn’t want to hear

You turned your back and walked away

And you didn’t shed a tear

You said you only wanted to be good friends

But there’s a well-known saying that’s not hard to comprehend

Two full-time lovers decide to be good friends

Don’t you know that’s the beginning of the end

Are you still sleeping lonely

Once you’ve turned off your light?

Do you know that I’m wandering

Through the middle of the night?

The show is long past over

They crowd, they’ve all gone home

It’s just me and I’m crying

Since you left me all alone

It’s three in the morning

And I’m staggering through the city

The wall that I have built up

Gives way to self-pity

I’m thinking of you all curled up

In the arms of your latest lover

Leaving me to stagnate

And roll into the gutter

When the morning comes and the tears have dried

I take my depression and pull it inside

‘Cause it’s either cut it loose, babe, or fall and drown

Cut it loose or let it drag me down

Don’t ask me no questions or look too long in my face

‘Cause when I turn my back, you’ll disappear without a trace

And you’ll go on with your life and realize your mistake

But I’ll be nowhere to be found ‘cause I’d have made my break

If your purpose in life is to sleep around

Then go ahead and do it

My mission on Earth is to play good music

Now I’ve got the chance and I won’t lose it

If you thought I was your only hope

Well, you threw it out, you blew it

It’s all part of breaking away

If you think the matter’s open to discuss

If you think it’s never too late for us

You’ll only be chasing a missed bus

It’s all part of breaking away

©2023 The Hesh Inc.
Jerusalem in the wee hours, by The Hesh Inc.
Jerusalem in the wee hours, where and when I wrote the song's emotional climax.

This song is the first of my heartbreak epics, written in 1984 as the relationship I had with my Girlfriend From Hell™ was falling apart and crumbling to the ground. I had come into town the evening of Israel's Independence Day thinking I'd spend it with her, which didn't happen (read between the lines there). It was the only time, really, when I had nowhere to go at night and I just wandered through the city by myself, long after the festive crowds were safely tucked away in bed, till dawn began to break and I could make my way to the bus station and catch the first ride home. I was a real emotional wreck after the whole thing ended but I was able to put all the angst into this song, which is a real pounding piano power ballad. Never recorded or performed, but rehearsed many, many times, and will be included in my projected album of piano-power-pop songs that I intend to record once the Soul In Exile thing will have been finished.

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