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Wake up in the morning, there’s someone at the door

Drag myself out of my bed onto the cold stone floor

Look in the mirror wash my face can’t take it anymore

No more

Another step, another step, I push myself ahead

Try to get myself together but my body’s almost dead

Thinking to myself I wish that I was back in bed

With you

Can’t get enough

Of what everybody needs

Without you baby

I got, I got the blues

Now it’s a well-known fact that everybody needs a love

This is a fact of life that was given from above

It all gets back to you no matter how you shove

Oh no

I wish that I could tell you just how I feel about it

You say you know I love you, that’s all that there is to it

But there’s more than that, baby, when we make love you feel it

You feel it

Can’t get enough ...

I love you, I worship you, I need you day and night

The love between us can be seen, there ain’t no end in sight

There is no better feeling than the way you hold me tight

Hold me tight!

Can’t get enough ...

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Yours truly, 1982.
Yours truly, 1982.

This is one of the earliest songs in my canon. It came about when I was noodling on the piano when I was home from school, sometime in 10th grade. There were several influences at work here: The verse's chord progression was Wilson Pickett's "Everybody Needs Somebody to Love" as performed by the Blues Brothers, mashed up with Bad Company's "Can't Get Enough," pounded on the keys in classic ELO "Roll Over Beethoven" style. The combination of "Can't Get Enough" with "Everybody Needs" etc. led to the song's title. For months I pounded it on the piano, without any words. Then in 11th grade, I went away to school in Jerusalem, where I met my musical partner in crime, Izzy Kieffer, and we set about the business of putting a band together and compiling a repertoire. This was one of the first songs we jammed on, even before we brought other musicians into the mix, and even though it didn't have words yet.

The lyrics came about later on in my junior year, shortly after I commenced the first relationship I could realistically call "dating." I needed a way to articulate what I felt about this girl and my relationship with her. I think a did a pretty good job ... for a 16-year-old. By now Izzy and I had a proper band, and I brought the lyrics to rehearsal; it became the first original tune I contributed to a band, any band. In April 1982 we started playing live before a paying audience, in Jerusalem's legendary JBR Club—and this song was in the first gig's set list. Later on that year, just as school was letting out for the summer, the band went into the studio for the first time and recorded about seven songs—and this was among them. The recording still exists somewhere on cassette.

I have no idea whether the girl ever heard the song or read the lyrics.

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