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Daily Lyric: CLEAR MY HEAD

Well I just can’t get out of this mess

It seems to follow me everywhere

The time I have to myself is less and less

Encroached upon by work and it feels like I get no air

I want to close the door to the office and leave it behind

When that time comes at the end of the day

But it never seems to leave the back of my mind

Even if there’s nothing left to do or say.

Clear my head

I need to get away and clear my head

Abandon work and go play instead

I gotta clear my head.

Well the day will come really soon

When I’ll pay some attention to myself

Drive down the road and crank up the tunes

Take care of my neglected mental health

Just one day’s worth of daylight hours

With nowhere to rush or hurry

Just what I need to recharge my power

A day without cares or worries.

Clear my head …

I look forward to the day when I won’t have to

Get up every day and face the grind

Bottle all my frustration up until I feel I have to

Shake it up and blow it out, since I can’t unwind

Don’t want to carry the world on my shoulder

None of this bread by the sweat of my brow

I don’t want to wait until I’m older

I want to live my life now

Clear my head …

©2023 The Hesh Inc.

LBNY sunset 120521
Where I go to clear my head.

As the calendar year reaches its end, work ramps up as clients try to use up the last of their budgets and revive as many dormant projects as they can. The burden of all this, of course, falls upon those grunts on the factory floor who have to do the actual work. It all gets to be a bit much, which is why the holidays are such a welcome reprieve from the grind. And this cycle goes on for year after year, until those who have socked enough away can think of retirement.

... there's got to be another way.

In any event, these lyrics were written in the early 2000s when I was in the throes of just such a job. Life has had many ups and downs since then but I've ended up in a similar place, albeit with a higher salary and some privileges of seniority ... in the end, though, the song remains the same. No music just yet. Maybe I'll write some when I retire. If I retire.

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