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Updated: Apr 2

I said Help me Doc I got songwriters’ block

I just can’t find my inspiration

He said That ain’t no block you just ran out of stock what you need dude is a long vacation

I was in the east my heart was in the west

and when asked why resist assimilation

I left my heart back in Asbury Park

that was the explanation

In junior high I would lift my eyes

to from where will come my salvation

In the army I swore I’d head straight for the shore

when my three years reached their cessation

The beacon that shined its light into a mind

blackened by social darkness and isolation

With the promise that someday after the bull gets blown away I’d undertake massive relocation

Chip on my shoulder since I was a soldier

Drive your friends crazy don’t get lazy

Underground homesick grab yourself a broomstick

This ain’t no statement just block abatement

Tramping around through the streets of this town

under an onslaught of precipitation

The mist was so thick I knew I’d be sick

without some spiritual medication

I staggered my way to nuevo dolce cafe

and sat down to the taste of innovation

Then the evening sky cleared so I regrouped and steered my sights to nocturnal invasion

Saw her sitting on the boardwalk rails with her usual gang of friend females

in sweatshirt jeans and flirtation

Flashed her my jazz and blues and snakeskin shoes

and then she was mine for the duration

She took my arm she felt so warm

she was a summer night's soft intoxication

I didn’t inquire she was lover for hire

but she didn’t fit the characterization

What am I trying to say here this ain’t no cliché here

You wanna be a beatnik you gotta be a streetnik

Check the rhyme and meter you ain’t gonna beat her

Blinded by the light Bruce no use call a truce

But you know it’s all right

Yeah you know it's all right

But you know it's all right

It's all right if it's all night

Well maybe the agencies declared a hiring freeze

But I’m not looking for a job or a vocation

This is the time I’ll seize just to follow the breeze

Blowin’ through town on revisitation

I’ve come here to spurn the life of Sit And Learn

And I don’t want no redemption or salvation

No matter which way I turn my bridges seem to burn

So I’m just here in life to find my station

From the seaside bar joints to the land’s end points

Pick choose and shoot for my destination

I’ve come to anoint the long-awaited counterpoint

To these trends of cynicism and stagnation

127 miles of as many different styles

The possibilities of limitless exploration

No more self-denial or tribulations and trials

I won’t accept any statute of limitation

Playing my wordgames so what if it all sounds the same

None of this crap rap beatin’ like a clap trap

Radio hum drum makes me go ho hum

Rock’n’roll tidy bowl no soul pigeonhole

Grab your attention keep it in suspension

It’s the great backlash against all the cheap trash

Mindless conformity mental deformity

If you ain’t receivin’ it don’t you believe in it

©2007, 2022 The Hesh Inc.

"Coastal Groove" - original AI art by The Hesh Inc.
But you know it's all right.

When I was living in Boston during my college/first-marriage years, I wrote a song called "Northeastern Beachtown Boogie," in which I expressed my desire to become a local in a place that I had only dreamed about for the preceding decade. It was borne of a Dylan-style stream of consciousness melded together with a travelogue straight out of Life Is A Beach by beach bums/authors Parke Puterbaugh and Alan Bisbort. It became the second song in a five-song suite that expanded on these themes and also expressed my dissatisfaction with where I found myself in life at the time. That suite made up "Side One" of the Soul In Exile record that I envisioned from the start. I kept the music to myself for a number of years, not quite ready to perform it live, but eventually, I changed the title and last verse to make it a bit less location-specific. I recorded it for my second album, Soul In Exile 2: Jersey Shore Baby, in 2002, and I released it five years later.

In 2021, while hunkered down at home in North Jersey during the Covid-19 era, I decided that it is time to remix and remaster the Soul In Exile opus so that I can put it in front of newer and hopefully wider audiences. The result was Soul In Exile Redux, which was released on January 28, 2022; "Coastal Groove" is track 2.

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