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Daily Lyric: EIN GEDI

Updated: Apr 2

All day and all of the night

It’s the in place to be

Summer’s here and the time is right

To go on down to the Dead Sea

Well, now’s the time to get physical

Now that the winter’s gone

The highway here’s an endless stream of vehicles

Rolling in from dusk till dawn

Fleets of buses come down here

With getaway groupies from the city

Those English girls may not be of the 'tribe'

But man, they’re sure looking pretty

Summer’s here and the time is right

Vacation time’s here and I’m ready

It’s a long way from Brooklyn but here it’s all right

I don’t wanna go away from Ein Gedi

A pretty pair of eyes followed me outside

And I knew I was in love once more

Just me and her walking on the wild side

Just me and her walking by the Dead Sea shore

Just me and her hiking up Nahal Arugot

And getting soaked together under the waterfall

We’ll take the suicide snake path up Masada

And make it back in time to light the campfire by nightfall

Summer’s here and the time is right ...

After a daylong hike the pain really lingers

By nighttime I was feeling really sore

So she touched me with her magic fingers

Before I knew it, I wasn’t hurting anymore

We made love, then she got dressed

And caught the half-past-midnight 486

She slipped away among the shadows of the night

She pulled out one of her mean tricks

When I realized what she did, I almost flipped my lid

I had to try real hard to keep my nerves steady

No one could love me the way she did

She stole my heart and ran away from Ein Gedi

(Gonna get that girl, gonna get that bus

Gonna get that girl, gonna get that bus

Gonna get that girl, gonna get that bus

Gonna get that girl, gonna get that bus … )

©2023 The Hesh Inc.

"Ein Gedi, Israel" - original AI art by The Hesh Inc.
I don’t wanna go away from Ein Gedi.

Ein Gedi is actually one of the most beautiful places in Israel. You have to hike into the Judean mountains away from the Dead Sea, via a trail on the side of the canyon, until you get to the waterfall hidden away from the surrounding desert. (Just don't hike by yourself, there are wild panthers watching you keenly and might take you for their next meal!) The waterfall and natural swimming area are well worth the hike.

I wrote the song during my army service in the mid-1980s. I had come back from such a hike with my unit, and on a night not long afterward I had a dream about the events I described in the lyrics. (I never did find the girl.) As for the music, I'd call it a midtempo rocker, with an outro that would be uptempo to the point of frantic.

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