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Daily Lyric: enough

it started yesterday

my will to keep on finally broke

it froze up and fell away

it all took place in one swift stroke

now I’m in the thick of it

it’s an ever expanding black hole

I am so sick of it

feels like it’s drowning out my soul

there must be another way

instead of struggling on like this

so many songs with the same thing to say

it doesn’t make sense to resist

I don’t want to come back

I want to find somewhere else to go

I’m tired of being a hack

with no room to expand and grow

the week is ending soon

time to get away from this grind

and finally change the tune

search and see what I will find

because I’ve had enough

of all these useless meaningless days

yes I’ve had enough

of spending 40 hours in a haze

I’ve had enough

of all this stupid trivial work

yes I’ve had enough

of swimming blindly through this murk

I’ve had enough

I’ll say it now just one last time

I’ve had enough

this waste of life is such a crime

©2023 The Hesh Inc.

"enough" - original AI art by The Hesh Inc.
What exactly is going on in this office??

This, more a poem than a song lyric, was written in the early 2000s when I was fed up with the place I was working in. It ostensibly made use of my editorial and organizational skills but the environment was extremely claustrophobic and it didn't help that the boss would park his Jaguar right next to the employee entrance as if to cloyingly say, "see, little peons, work as hard as I have and you can have a car just like this one too!" Sure, the job had its pluses, like better-than-decent pay that enabled me to finance one of my recording projects, as well as proximity to the town harbor where I could breathe in the sea air and clear my head when I took lunch. But after awhile the claustrophobia in the office got to be too much and I had to find work elsewhere.

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