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Daily Lyric: FADING HERO

I used to be so cool with my hat and beard

In my younger years way back

I was a big bad dude, respected and feared

In a big black Cadillac

T-shirt, jeans, and boots, black leather jacket

I was mistaken for some sixties punk

9mm Browning in my belt

CAR-15 in the trunk

Hanging around my staging ground

Outside the Seven Eleven store

Waiting for the action to start around town

In the hot summer nights there would always be more

Leaning against my Caddy, lighting up a cigarette

Taking it easy in the summer heat

The skin of the city covered in sweat

And her pulse, I’d never miss a beat

In those days, where I lived, there was trouble all the time

Like a plague that was never gonna stop

It was like organized disorganized crime

And people was too scared to call the cops

Some out-of-town gang had the place by the balls

And a lot of good folks felt the sting

Till one afternoon I got a phone call

He said Man, you gotta do your thing

Well, I hit the road and headed into town

But I didn’t see nothing till I got to Lake and Main

When I got there they was all lined up for the big showdown

Man, I had to use my guts and use my brain

I had to get in the first shot so I burst out shooting

Knocking ‘em down like bowling pins, two bullets each

I chased ‘em down the avenue, howling and hooting

And the cops got what was left of ‘em on the beach

Now those days are over and there’s peace on the shore

Everything’s cool now, the streets are tame

Hardly anyone remembers that gunfight now

Hardly anyone remembers my name

But somebody remembers ‘cause last night I got a call

And the voice said, There’s trouble going on downstate

The force we got against it is too damn small

We need you, man, to straighten up the place

But this time they gotta find another way to get the problem solved

‘Cause I’m getting too old for this kind of fun

I don’t know if I even want to get involved

I’m just a fading hero with a silent gun

©2023 The Hesh Inc.

"Fading Hero" - original AI art by The Hesh Inc.
I was a big bad dude, respected and feared / In a big black Cadillac.

Another song written during the time I was still in the IDF and envisioning my life ahead when returning to the Jersey Shore, this time under the influence of movies like Cobra and Streets of Fire, with their gratuitous, comic-book violence. I thought I would add it to my expanded Soul In Exile magnum opus, but thought better of it. So it remains an outtake. Never recorded or performed.

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