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I’m trying to sing a simple love song

But it isn’t so easy to do

Setting my feelings to music

And all the while thinking of you

I’m sitting alone in a small room

Remembering some forgotten part

The words aren’t coming so easy

But I know they’re coming straight from the heart

I know there are some things that I told you

Their meaning I didn’t quite see

I didn’t even think before talking

I swear I didn’t want to shake your faith in me

You’ve been through too much to speak of

Too many times you’ve been strung out on the wire

But together we’re gonna stand on top of the world

And we’ll stand next to each other’s fire

I haven’t been with you for too long

But it’s never been this way before

I’ve never gone out of the way for someone else

But I guess I’m not that way anymore

Now you say you’ve been out with others

And I’m the first one who really cares

You don’t know just how much that means to me

So if you want me you know I’ll be there

I’ve never been in the situation

Where someone would want me so much

Oh yes I’ve been out before but it wasn’t like this

‘Cause all that mattered was my touch

But now I’d walk a million miles out of my way

Just to be with you wherever you’re going

No matter how cold the night or how hot the day

Or no matter how hard the wind is blowing

I’ve gotten in trouble because I said what I felt

And you know I’ve been misunderstood

Don’t run back inside because of something I said

‘Cause all I intended was good

There’s sometimes we’re on the brink of reality

Being pushed on to some uncertain fate

But we’re gonna get our act together

We’ll get those davkaniks before it’s too late

For you I’ll give the best things that I have

Ride the line of balance just for you

And all that I ask is that the feeling is returned

Now that isn’t hard to do

‘Cause I’ve come a long way from what used to be

I feel so much better with you around

Even if the ground is pulled from underneath

We won’t let it get us down

©2023 The Hesh Inc.

"From the Heart" - original AI art by The Hesh Inc.
The girlfriend from hell and her not-so-unwilling male victim decide whether to fight or to make love.

I wrote this in the fall of 1983, not long after I returned to Israel from my post–high school summer vacation in the USA. I had taken a deferment from military service ostensibly in order to study in yeshiva for awhile; it was when a lot of my stateside peers had come to Israel to do what is today called a "gap year," and I didn't want to miss out on the scene. Of course, I had no intention of actually learning in yeshiva ... I just wanted a roof over my head in Jerusalem while I spent my waking hours hanging out in town and attempting to put a band together.

At about this time I became involved with she who eventually became my Girlfriend From Hell. No, not just "involved"; I fell hopelessly in love with her. Literally everybody I knew in town warned me about her, as she had various assorted 'issues,' but someone at my age and stage of development is likelier to think with the little head instead of the big one, and that's what I did. And I suffered the consequences. But hey, what did I know? I was in love. Or in something that passed for love, at least. This song came about at just about the time we started seeing each other regularly. It was a stab at "mature" songwriting, looking at a new relationship as something more than a casual frivolity. I played it for her several times, and at least once in a darkened hotel lobby late at night, but never with a band. Never recorded either.


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