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Going over the line

Till I think I’m gonna blow

Oh, I can’t stop the music

Oh, I can’t say no

It was a real great concert

But it was over too soon

The night’s still young

So let me hear that tune

I’m dancing like a jerk

A cool, cool jerk

Hey, that’s funkey

Yeah, funkey munkey

Well, don’t mess with my choo-coo

Or with my choo-coo moo-coo

Just get funkey

Yeah, funkey munkey

You’re workin’ too hard

Oh, it’s a twelve day week

You come home so tired

Can’t even speak

You only wanna rest

Your wretched little soul

But come Saturday night

You wanna rock’n’roll

So you’re strutting like a peacock

Fancy feathered peacock

Hey, that’s funkey

Yeah, funkey munkey

You’re lookin’ really cool

A cool, cool fool

So get funkey

Yeah, funkey munkey

Pink satin suits

And two-toned boots

Hey, that’s funkey

Yeah, funkey munkey

Lover boy blues

And rock’n’roll shoes

Just get funkey

Yeah, funkey munkey

©2023 The Hesh Inc.

"Funkey Munkey" - original AI art by The Hesh Inc.
Yeah, that's funkey.

In the late winter or early spring of 1986, when I was in the thick of my army service, I gave myself a challenge to write a series of lighthearted songs to stand in contrast to all the heavy stuff I had been writing up to that point. This was one of them. (But even in the frivolousness there is still an undertone of seriousness ... can't help being who I am.) I started with the riff common to Van Halen's "Where Have All the Good Times Gone" and the Kinks' "Tired of Waiting" and took it from there. The misspellings are intentional, as is the use of a few IDF slang expressions. It would probably have been a fun song to play but I never had the chance to ... military service isn't conducive to putting and keeping a band together. So it goes.


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