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I don't want to spend my life slinging hash

Or cleaning up after gourmet snob trash

Sure it's a decent buck

And an honest job

But working for a schmuck

Leaves me feeling like a blob

Get me out of this situation

Get me out of this obligation

Get me out of this occupation

Get me out of this paralyzation

I don't wanna sit in no goddamn fancy school

No books or tests or teachers

To make me play the fool

No high school graduation

No college education

GED, SAT, and more abbreviations

Get me out of this complication

Get me out of this degradation

Get me out of this subjugation

Get me out of this damnification

I ain't gonna be no more limo driver

Graphic artist, travel agent, nine-to-fiver

No security guard or cashier or clerk

None of this "Life Is Work"

I ain't that kind of jerk

Get me out of this dehydration

Get me out of this toxication

Get me out of this immolation

Get me out of this obliteration

Nobody's gonna back me into no dead-end career

It's the only way, they tell me

But I don't wanna hear

No doctor or lawyer

No tank or destroyer

Ain't gonna slave away for no fat-ass employer

I don't wanna be a yeshiva bochur

No dorky looking frumie

I ain't no sucker

No tzitzis or payess

No big black hat

All these trappings make me sick

I wanna be a cool cat

Get me out of this ruination

Get me out of this deprivation

Get me out of this desecration

Get me out of this degeneration

©2023 The Hesh Inc.

Prisoners breaking rocks. AI image by The Hesh Inc.
It's okay, had a bad day. Hands are bruised from breaking rocks all day.

This came about during one of my summer jobs while I was in college ... standing around, minding the store, while the Ramones' "Animal Boy" ground about in my head. I desperately did not want to face jobs like these when I entered the actual market. And in the third verse, I was staring in horror at the idea of living in an Orthodox Jewish ghetto as an adult ... I did not want to live that life either. Musically, the song has an upbeat, syncopated beat, with some Ramonesian guitar grinding out the riff. Never recorded or performed.

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