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Daily Lyric: GIMME A BEER

Updated: Apr 2

Hey Benny, what’ll it be?

– Gimme a beer.

Don’t call me Benny, I’m from around here

I just been away for awhile, so just gimme a beer

I been makin’ a livin’ dealin’ in junk

So now I’ll sit in the back and get real drunk

Well, I love that Asbury Park rhythm’n’blues

When my blood is full of beer’n’booze

When Southside sings The Fever he blows me to bits

I think I fell asleep in a puddle of Schlitz

It’s all right if it’s all night

And when it’s all night, it gets real tight

When it gets real tight, it’s outta sight

And now it’s outta sight, so gimme a beer

So DJ play those records, DJ spin those discs

There’s some high-voltage tunes, so enter at your own risk

Big man blow that saxophone till the morning light

Squeeze the last lingering moment from the night

I feel so good, I feel so fine

When me and my baby are high on cheap wine

When the bars close at five we’ll go out on a walk

Me and her watchin’ the sunrise from the boardwalk

It’s all right ...

July’s here and it’s about time

To forget about the whole world and have a good time

Hey gang, let’s forget all those college classes we took

Get the girls and the Coors and we’ll go on up to Sandy Hook

Hey crank up the box, play that music loud

Let’s hear that old steel mill sound

They say it’s music for people with no direction in life

Maybe so, but for now I’ll down another Miller High Life

It’s all right ...

©2023 The Hesh Inc.

"Gimme a Beer" - original AI art by The Hesh Inc.
I love those Asbury Park rhythm'n'brews.

This lyric was not based on any of my experiences visiting or living at the Jersey Shore, but rather on what I imagined, while living in Israel, hanging out at Jersey Shore bars must be like. The music is loosely based on Southside Johnny's cover of Solomon Burke's "Got to Get You Off of My Mind" mixed up with J. Geils "Till These Walls Come Tumbling Down." Never recorded or performed, but I might consider it for future (drunken) set lists if the mood strikes.


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