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Updated: Apr 2

It’s so much easier

To sit and play games

Taking no responsibility

And shifting all the blame

Shirking all my duty

And desires all the same

The best of my efforts

Are halfhearted and lame

You can call it by any old name

But I haven’t done nothing.

It all looked so great

Just as the morning had begun

I laid out all my plans

In the morning sun

I’d take care of business

Then go out and have some fun

Well, I went home and lay down

And blew off every single one

Well, yesterday’s over and done

And I haven’t done nothing.

Maybe one day I’ll maximize my potential

Maybe one day I’ll acquire my credentials

Maybe one day I’ll complete my endeavors

Maybe one day I’ll get my shit together

Well, I could up and change the world

If I use my hands and head

If I put my heart into it

And follow up on every thread

The whole world may be waiting

For me to knock ‘em dead

Well, sometimes it’s just easier

To roll over and go back to bed

Well, it’s just like Stevie said

I haven’t done nothing.

©2023 The Hesh Inc.

Maybe one day I’ll get my shit together.

This lyric was written in the mid-2000s, within the year after I came back to the East Coast from my first sojourn in Los Angeles. I had not yet found my niche in terms of employment (i.e., a day job making use of my skills and education) and was scratching together a living as a limousine driver. I had many irons in the fire in terms of prospective creative endeavors, live performance, job search, etc ad nauseam, but after waking up at 4:00 am to take the first passengers to the airport, I'd come home midmorning wanting nothing more than to go back to sleep. And this I would do, and all my best-laid plans would go out the window until I got up the next day and did it all over again, amen.

Musically, the song has a fast tempo (I wouldn't call it "upbeat" due to its subject matter) and I thought about including it on an album of Waitsian heartbreak songs centered around my life-going-nowhere, during which I missed my friends and loved ones on the West Coast terribly. Said album never materialized and the song never got recorded or performed.

And now, a decade and a half later, I have the good job and a more stable life, but I am in a similarly frustrated mood at my creative endeavors and relocation dreams caught in some inexplicable doldrums. I would love nothing more than to change the situation I am currently in but it feels sometimes like I fight a gravitational force. But hey ... maybe one day I’ll get my shit together.

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