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Daily Lyric: HOW

How can I begin to write

with all the everyday perils looming above me

How can I begin to write

when I’m in trouble with the one who loves me

How can I think of the things I want to say

when I’m weighted down with tons of mundanities

How can I express the things I need to say

when my mind is a cluttered up with inanities

… all I ask is how.

How can I exude my radiant self

when my chest is pressed with all this negativity

How can I take my soul off the shelf

and put it wholehearted into my creativity

How can I finish my magnum opus

when my attention is distracted by all this piddling

How can I ever get myself to focus

when all my time is taken up by this useless twiddling

… all I ask is how.

How can I just be what I am

without worrying about perceived public perception

How can I just say I am what I am

without being subject of derision or dissection

How can I claim what I know is mine

without it getting called a sense of entitlement

How can I make the local scene mine

without being sucked into its toxic environment

… all I ask is how.

How can I live the life that I dream

when I’m caught up in dealing with necessary evils

How can I get out of this main stream

when every day my hopes grow more and more feeble

How do I go ahead and make the switch

when I’m all too worried about the bottom dollar

How do I dare to scratch the itch

that burns in my palms and makes me want to holler

… all I ask is how.

©2023 The Hesh Inc.
... that's all I ask.

Another one of my songs in which I try to figure out what my next steps should be, what with all the [largely self-imposed or self-perceived] obstacles in my way. Written during the early 2000s, as I was deciding whether to proceed with the REALITY SHOCK album or the next installment of the Soul In Exile opus (eventually both got made, but as the late Tom Petty sang, the waiting is the hardest part). No music to these lyrics yet.

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