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Daily Lyric: I DON’T MIND

The chips are down, the days are bad

The worst times I ever had

Though I survived my fall from grace

I left town with my name disgraced

Just when I think that I’ve come home

Open the door and I’m alone

No one to turn to nowhere to go

I’m in a state of vertigo

I don’t mind if you settle down here

Just as long as you say you never leave me

Had enough of these three-day romances

I thought with you I wouldn’t have to take my chances

I try to get myself awake

The way things are, my life’s at stake

I get in trouble for the things I do

And I can’t seem to make it up to you

The word spreads back to the friends I know

Now all my friendships are about to blow

There’s nothing left in the world for me

Yet nothing seems to let me be

I don’t mind ...

If you knew this was a passing mood

And not a change of attitude

Then our love wouldn’t be at its end

And me’n’you could be one again

I don’t mind ...

©2015 The Hesh Inc.
Not a photo of anything that inspired the song, but this is where it was written ... what was once my high-school dorm, as it appears today.

I started writing songs as a high-school freshman, and predictably, I wore a lot of influences on my sleeve and the results were at best stilted. But by the time I neared graduation, I had rounded the rough edges somewhat and wasn't quite as blatant with showing the influences. This one was the first one that I could really consider a Song, one that I would be unashamed to include in setlists well into adulthood.

UNfortunately, too many people in my social circles, for some reason, deemed it The Best I Ever Wrote, and even well after I had gone on to what I considered greater accomplishments, these people kept on coming back to this as the epitome of my songwriting. Nothing I did afterwards impressed them as much as this one did. I don't know why—maybe because they were so impressed at how "mature" I was when I wrote it as a 12th-grader.

But when it came time to record the REALITY SHOCK album in the early 2000s, musical partner Izzy Kieffer and I decided to include this, if for no other reason than etching it in stone as part of our history. And as far as I was concerned, throwing a bone to the folks back home who could not get over the fact that I had moved on. I hope they are happy with it.

Here it is, from my Boardwalk Mystic collection, released in 2015:

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