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Daily Lyric: I WANT TO LIVE

How will I begin this song

In the deep blue night that is falling?

I will sit here and begin this song

Even though I long ago lost my calling

How will I continue this song

In the bold orange light that is rising?

I will sit here and continue this song

Though I lost my knack for synthesizing

I call on the Spirit to give me a hand

‘Cause I know I can’t do this alone

I’ve long been a stranger wandering this land

And these ramblings have got to find a home

They say this trip’s been taken before

And everything’s already been said, that’s true

Camped and commercialized till it’s nothing but a bore

This so-called scene is anything but new

Well this isn’t the trash that passes for cute

This here’s the real, vicious thing

And even if I’m going down a well-traveled route

In the end it’s my song that I will sing

I’ve been sitting in obscurity watching others steal my sounds

They didn’t even know they were doing it

But now I’m gonna stake my claim and not give ground

I won’t just sit and stew and brew in it

This is the life that I want to live

Even if it’s an impossible dream

This is my life and I want to live

My dream ...

There’s nothing original to say anymore

Everything’s tried and true

This singing about singing, and writing about writing

and music about music just will not do!

So give me some rock’n’roll

Some medication for the soul

Some kind of cosmic glue to hold

Disjointed thoughts together

Where are all the musicians

Where is the recognition

Where is the ignition

To propel me to forever

Where are all the people who are supposed to be my friends

The allies who should be in the band

When will the long night of exile end

When will we be led to our promised land

Where is the life that I want to live

The more I want it, the more it slips away

But I keep on wanting it and chasing it down

Anyway ...

How should I complete this song

When the path ahead is long, dark, and winding?

I will sit here and complete this song

Even if the gears of progression are grinding

The absence of the spiritual

Leaves only ritual

And any residual

Emotions fall between the cracks

This isolation

It leads to frustration

Which leads to desperation

Which leads to no turning back

Tonight’s the night the move will be made

Tonight the vision will be received

Tonight will be the end of the silly charade

Tonight I will learn how to proceed

I’ll be catapulted into a faster life

Rocketed ahead to the fore

It’ll be so hard to imagine I once had the life

That I labored and struggled through before

I will live the life that I want to live

Even if it gets a late start

I will live the life I know to be true

In my heart ...

©2023 The Hesh Inc.

"Rocket Car" - original AI art by The Hesh Inc.
I’ll be catapulted into a faster life / Rocketed ahead to the fore ...

Everybody goes through a phase where they wish that things in their life could be better. This song is me not just wishing for it, but declaring it to the world.

These lyrics are set to music that I had written and jammed on during my time living in Philadelphia. Nothing ever became of that tune until I moved back to the Jersey Shore, to Ocean Grove, in 1997, which is where I wrote the lyrics. Unfortunately for my songwriting, that was just about the time I chose to become involved in the cover band scene, which benefited me in many ways but didn't give me the chance to play any of my originals. And so this got left by the wayside.

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