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Daily Lyric: I WAS THERE

So you don’t like the things that I’ve said

You can’t stomach the things that you read

They talk about something that you don’t want to hear

They uncover some of your worst fears

Well, there’s nothing in there that isn’t true

And there’s nothing in there that’s really new

But you believe this stuff only happens to others

Not your sister, think you, not your aunt or your mother.

But I was there, I saw it with my eyes

And you know that the evidence and facts don’t lie

You’d rather hide from reality, and keep it swept

Under the rug, ‘cause it’s so hard to accept.

So she found a love that won’t dare speak its name

It causes you to feel such disgrace and shame

Like, how could this happen, she was straight all her life

She was married, ferchrissake, she was somebody’s wife!

But that marriage crumbled and she was left hard and cold

She needed somebody to love and to hold

She wanted that tenderness that no man could give

Embracing it enabled her once more to live.

Hey, I was there, and I understood

That if this is what she needed, then hey, it was good

And, I might add, it was also effective

In putting my own feelings in perspective.

People just see what they want to see

And whatever falls outside that boundary

Usually flies right over their heads

They can’t comprehend, so they deny instead

No matter if the truth is right there in their faces

They’ll wish it away with all of its traces

And then they’ll go on like they did before

With no such unpleasantness popping up anymore.

But I was there, I know things are different

I was living with it while you were so distant

And you can deny as much as you want

The truth is quite real, and it’ll come back to haunt.

©2023 The Hesh Inc.

"Rainbow off AP" - original AI art by The Hesh Inc.
People just see what they want to see, and whatever falls outside that boundary usually flies right over their heads.

Without waving any banners, making any sweeping declarations, or resorting to politically correct wokespeak, I present this song I wrote about a woman I knew for many years who found love and fulfillment in a relationship with another woman. I watched the events described in the lyrics unfold, pretty much in person, and I knew what I was looking at; I decided that if this is what she needed to live and move forward with her life after the assorted tragedies she weathered, then it was all good by me. I also address several of her friends and relatives who could not accept or even understand this development in her life. More commentary is not necessary. No music (yet), so never recorded or performed.

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