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Daily Lyric: I’M STILL HERE

I’m still here

I’ve been hanging back for ten-or-so years

Watching the rise and fall of my various peers

As the things they said fell on deaf ears

But I’m still here

Waiting to burst out in a hard glorious smear

Waiting for the right place and right time to appear

Waiting for the music that everyone will hear

Through nor’easters and gales

Through schemes that failed

Through trials and travails

I’m still standing, and commanding

I’m still here.

I’m still here

Trends and fads have come and gone over the years

Others got hyped and burned while I waited at the rear

Not noticed or acknowledged while the others got cheered

But I’m still here

While the other Next Big Things flamed out and disappeared

Leaving nary a memory or souvenir

But I’m about to make my grand premiere

Been waiting so long

Through plots and plans that went wrong

What didn’t kill me made me strong

I’m still here.

It’s my turn now

To shout it out loud

To stand tall and be proud

To influence the flow, and let you all know

That I’m still here.

©2023 The Hesh Inc.
Heshy in Asbury Park
I'm still here. Same as I ever was.

It's all true.

I heard the music at 12 years old and I fell in love with it.

I bought the records and learned all about the history of the music, the place it came from, and the people who made it, and I knew I wanted to be part of that scene someday.

I held out hope for 12 years while I lived abroad and got into all sorts of situations that couldn't be further away from where I wanted to be.

I finally made it there but acceptance into the scene was far from forthcoming.

But so help me G-d, I did become part of it and made the music I wanted to make ... even if recognition was slow to arrive.

And when the recognition did arrive, personal circumstances pulled me away from the place.

The scene itself changed.

The music changed.

A younger generation moved in.

People got older, moved on, passed on ...

But I'm still here.

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