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Updated: Nov 24, 2023

Standing in front of my mirror, molding my hair into shape

Crisp white suite and blue shirt under my gold superhero cape

I had flight in my shoes, ready to use

And I could speed till I’d go berserk

I had laser beam incision and night as day vision

Though they didn’t always work

As I circumspected I began to reflect

It was like living in a fantasy

Metropolis had Superman, Gotham City Batman

And Jerusalem had me

I closed up the house and stepped out

Into the night

Into the light

The Midrechov was an endless parade

where no one turned in before four

So unlike the city I finished high school in

but that didn’t matter anymore

I thought I’d flipped but I knew I’d slipped

Across the interdimensional line

But I was a part of this place and everybody knew my face

It made me feel so fine

Action, reaction, satisfaction

Potential lovers prowl then take five

Pink-gowned girls dance elaborate twirls

In front of Muli’s mysterious dive

Would-be rock stars crunch guitars

Into the night

Into the light

The guys, they all tell me that I’ll never grow up

But to me that’s nothing new

They say I live in a comic book world

And what they say is probably true

But it doesn’t make a difference to me anyway

I know what’s fake and what’s real

‘Cause if superheroes don’t exist

Then I’m just another shlemiel

Some scoff at me and call me immature

As if to the world they’re wise

But when it’s my hour of triumph

They can’t look me straight in the eyes

You see, I save the city all in a day’s work

And what I do is good, never bad

And as far as being a kid is concerned

I’ll still be a kid when I’m a granddad

But at twenty-one I’m too hot and too young to sleep

I straighten my collar and take a flying leap

Into the night (Into the night)

Into the light (Into the light)

Into the night (Into the night)

Into the light (Into the light)

©2023 The Hesh Inc.

"The Jerusalem Superhero" - original AI art by The Hesh Inc.
‘Cause if superheroes don’t exist, then I’m just another shlemiel.

In the summer of 1986, I had a dream in which I was Jerusalem's reluctant superhero, in an alternate-timeline, sci-fi version of the city. I had superpowers, as described in the lyrics, but they didn't always work, and sometimes they conked out on me when I needed them the most. In this dream I, the hero, saved the damsel in distress, known as "Rena Queen of JAPs," from the clutches of the evil supervillain, Molech, who would abduct female American seminary students and then sacrifice them over an open portal to hell in the mountains surrounding the city. I even wrote this down as a short story but alas, the manuscript was lost in the course of my incessant relocations. I'd love to make a comic book / graphic novel out of this, but for the meantime, the song will do.

I banged this song out on the piano when I was home for a weekend from my army service. The music was inspired by the version of "Growin' Up" from Bruce Springsteen's "Live 1975-85," which was in heavy rotation on my Walkman at the time.

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